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Aerospace, defence, security and technology

Joining AtkinsRéalis, in our Aerospace, Defence, Security and Technology (ADS&T) division will mean that you can work with teams across mission-critical industries, to contribute to the security and resilience of the nation, or to exploit advanced technology to help clients to not only meet but embrace these exciting times. We work with leading names to transform the future of engineering.

At AtkinsRéalis, we offer a world of opportunities from the projects you’ll work on to the directions you can take your career. Our continuous mentoring, on-the-job learning and training will help you achieve professional registration and develop industry skills that are highly sought after. You’ll get involved in real project work, using the theory and practical skills you’ve learned at university whilst gaining valuable experience and developing new skills.

We are looking for talented graduates from a range of different subjects accredited by a recognised institution, and these can start from a predicted 2.2 onwards. Whatever team you join, you’ll enjoy great opportunities to shape your future career. Your professional development will be a high priority. From bid work to project delivery, you’ll have the chance to work on high-profile and innovative projects with the flexibility to experience a broad range of disciplines, roles and clients.

Not only do all ADS&T offices have a great social scene, but there’s also a very active young professional community that will help you develop your knowledge of different areas and grow your professional network.

At ADS&T, we have a wide range of projects and clients that will allow you to have the opportunity to showcase your skills and develop new capabilities. We are proud of what we help our clients to achieve and we want you to share in that pride. We are also passionate about developing our people, that’s because we see your success as integral to the success of our business. So, that’s why you will find we focus hard on learning and development and creating opportunity.



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    Our teams

Our Systems Engineering team is part of ADS&T's cutting-edge Advanced Engineering Delivery and Consultancy Practice. Understanding complex systems and their interactions is vital to solving tomorrow's challenges in our rapidly evolving technological world. We offer independent advice and services across Defense, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI), and Aviation domains.

Join us and benefit from:

  • Working with passionate and diverse thinkers in multi-disciplinary teams to understand problems and develop solutions
  • Using strategic thinking to identify interactions between people, processes, technology, and the world
  • Finding innovative ways to understand and communicate complex ideas
  • Designing, integrating, and managing complex systems throughout their life

    In this role, you'll learn and use techniques such as:

  • Requirements & Acceptance: Capturing needs as robust requirements and developing ways in which they can be successfully tested
  • Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE): Developing system architectures, models, and simulations to support system requirements, design, analysis, and test activities
  • Integration: Understanding the interactions between systems and how they behave as a whole
  • Systems Thinking: Understanding the purpose and context of a system, how it behaves, and how it manages itself
  • Project Management: The planning, development, and implementation of solutions to complex problems while balancing quality, cost, time, and risk;
  • Communication: Explaining complex concepts to stakeholders and non-technical team members

  • As a Systems Engineer at ADS&T, you'll collaborate across mission-critical sectors, exploiting advanced technologies to enhance national security and resilience.

    Domains include:

  • UK Defense Equipment and Infrastructure Programmes, including submarines and strategic defense facilities;
  • Defense information systems, including aeronautical information systems;
  • Aeronautical and space systems;
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI).

The Mechanical Engineering team delivers innovative solutions for our clients' most complex needs across the design lifecycle. We seek digitally savvy individuals to meet future design, systems engineering, and structural analysis market demands.

We serve enviable Aerospace and Defense clients, from industry leaders to new-technology startups. Each faces an exciting future with potential disruption, threats, and opportunities thanks to converging physical and digital worlds. Our recent projects span submarine maintenance equipment, all-electric aircraft motor analysis, and commercial aircraft landing gear support.

Whatever your passion, you'll join a high-end engineering team working on ground-breaking projects:

  • Collaborate with passionate and diverse thinkers in multi-disciplinary teams to understand problems and develop solutions
  • Relish opportunities to develop your skills – from detailed analysis to client-facing, in small or large teams
  • Enjoy building your expertise and responsibility within project delivery teams.

For AtkinsRéalis, Resilience Engineering means responding, absorbing, adapting, and recovering during disruptions. Resilient systems recover rapidly, often better than before.

Join our Resilience team and explore diverse disciplines, from safety to asset management – and discover new technical interests. You'll work on various projects spanning safety, human factors, supply chain, and integrated support. Just put your hand up for fantastic opportunities in leading programs across our pillars, 'Safe, Secure, and Sustain'.

Our three pillars of Resilience Engineering:

Safe: As a Safe expert, you'll help our clients to protect, prevent, and/or mitigate major accident hazards and ensure risks to assets in Nuclear, Air, Land, and Sea domains align with ALARP principles.

Sustain: Helping organizations meet their present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We do this by helping our customers implement consistent and transparent decision-making with full consideration of Sustainable Development Goals.

Secure: You'll play a vital role in unlocking our clients' potential and safeguarding operations through Cyber Resilience. This expert team helps organizations understand threats and vulnerabilities and deploy adaptive protection and response mechanisms.

Our Human Factors team works across industries with increasingly complex systems. They offer Safety, Cyber/Digital, HCI/UX, and Ergonomics expertise to enhance human performance within high-hazard industries, creating safe, effective, and efficient systems.

Joining our supportive team provides opportunities to develop your Human Factors expertise. We offer mentoring support towards CIEHF chartership and opportunities for growth through training and project experience. We'll actively support your development, progressing your technical and consultancy skills – while you follow your chosen path in Human Factors.

As a member of our team, you'll:

  • Produce quality technical work, including supporting senior colleagues in assessments using Human Factors tools and techniques and report writing.
  • Collaborate with clients to develop and maintain relationships.
  • Work as part of multi-disciplinary teams providing behavioral science and Human Factors Engineering input to a range of high-hazard regulated industries.

You may also be involved with:

  • Human Factors Integration into Submarine Systems
  • Anthropometric Assessment of Military Vehicles and Systems
  • Human Factors Assurance Support to Nuclear Safety Cases
  • Human Reliability Assessment, Heuristic Reviews, Control Room Design and Maintenance Assessment of a Military Air Traffic Control System
  • Human Factors research and behavioral science design recommendations for Cyber Security Awareness, Behaviours, and Culture engagement activities
  • Assessment of Human Cyber Vulnerabilities and Risk
  • Human Behaviour and System Thinking approach to Digital Transformation projects.

At AtkinsRéalis, we're streets ahead of our competitors. We lead the industry with our bespoke geospatial data environment, using ESRI products, open source, and cutting-edge software. Our 80-strong team excels in an enormous range of specialties, working across a huge variety of projects. We're diverse, friendly, and ready to help you every step of the way.

Join us to enjoy exposure across the entire location-based information lifecycle, from acquisition to analysis. We're driven to deliver innovative, quality solutions that empower clients to make informed decisions in a user-friendly environment.

You'll work on UK infrastructure projects and global initiatives like Net Zero targets and World Bank projects. Starting from day one, you'll tackle a wide range of projects and receive Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) and Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) training.

Get involved in:

  • Advising and guiding clients on the best approach to take for the geospatial aspects of their projects, from basic constraints mapping for our environment team to public engagement using Arc StoryMaps or our own webGIS
  • Working with our software developers to create a brand-new spatial use portal
  • Creating viewshed maps for planning applications
  • Biomass mapping, creating maps for the United Nations Development Programme

Our Geomatics team is part of the wider Geospatial team. We gather geospatial data using various technologies, including drones, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), and Ground-penetrating Radar. Services span geodetic control surveys, LiDAR/Laser Scanning surveys, aerial photogrammetric surveys, and sub-surface utility surveys. We strive for innovative solutions, delivering high-quality 3D survey data through collaborative approaches.

Our Data Intelligence team brings clients' strategic visions to life. From information engineering to visualization, our approach harnesses the power of data. You'll work alongside team members who are industry experts and seasoned data professionals.

Using advanced analytics techniques, we solve real-world problems across multiple industries. So you'll enjoy Aerospace and Defense to Energy, Government, Infrastructure, Security, Transport, Utilities, and more opportunities.

As a graduate, you'll be a vital team member, and your contributions will be welcome at the table. We want you to make a sustainable impact on AtkinsRéalis and the data community. So, while actively supporting your technical development, we'll also ensure you have everything you need to develop your soft skills and become an effective consultant.

Our Software Development team is part of Technology Solutions, home to AtkinRéalis' largest Software Engineering team. We create custom software for defense, government, infrastructure, and industry clients. We excel as software specialists and consultants, forging client relationships while dedicating most of our time to writing code and crafting problem-solving solutions.

Our solutions include:

  • Integrated Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Business Information Systems
  • Mission Critical Software
  • Geospatial Solutions and Data Visualisation Platforms
  • Algorithm Development and Decision Support Tools

Technology Solutions Engineers collaborate across AtkinsRéalis, creating specialized, synergistic software solutions. For example, partnering with Security Experts, Passenger Experience Specialists, and Aviation Project Managers to develop a Biometric Passenger Identification solution at Heathrow.

The Software team ensures clients' IT and software systems align with their goals, solving complex issues flexibly and agilely. We offer digital transformation and project management support that helps our clients maximize the benefits of technology to enable change. Our success stories include the civil nuclear sector, Heathrow Airport, and critical national infrastructure.

As a Graduate Software Engineer, you'll tackle significant challenges throughout the Software Development Lifecycle, from creation to maintenance. You'll enjoy expanding your skillsets on diverse projects, from prototypes to enhancing large, established solutions.

As a member of the team, you'll:

  • Create software solutions with Microsoft Stack, Postgres databases, Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript frameworks – and new languages and technologies when needed.
  • Design, develop, test, deploy, and support software solutions, working in dedicated teams following an Agile delivery methodology.
  • Document the design, development, and delivery of technical solutions.
  • Work with clients to understand their requirements and demo new features.
  • Be supported by senior staff and given training to develop your skills.

Working in the Digital Infrastructure team, you'll be involved in designing and developing various electronic communications systems and data networks. Working with our clients and their ICT systems, you could be responsible for any aspect of a developing telecommunications system, from analyzing user requirements to managing installation contracts.

Enjoy exposure to every aspect of engineering electronic communications systems, from infrastructure (e.g., optical cable networks and radio) to the configuration of complex data networks and design of Data Centres. You could work on systems for a new airport, hotel, university, or defense installation. Alternatively, your work could involve the development of next-generation broadband networks, including the advancement of 5G.

Explore some of our specialist areas, which include:

  • Complex telecommunications and IT networks supporting the Defense and nuclear markets.
  • Wireless/radio and wireless LAN, where we provide technical advice for transportation and aviation clients.
  • Information security – We understand and implement the procedures and processes to deliver IT systems in some of the highest security environments for confidential clients.
  • Exposed to different technologies such as VMWare, Red Hat, OpenStack, Open vSwitch, and Microsoft HyperV.

IT Architect: Business Analysis & Architecture, Digital Advantage

The Digital Advantage team helps clients solve business problems through digital technology. All Digital Advantage team members have strong people and stakeholder skills while specializing in Data, Security, Applications, Cyber or Business Analysis & IT Architecture. 

While with our Digital Advantage Team, you'll develop techniques, methodologies, and frameworks to support your role, such as:

  • Designing Tomorrow's Technology: Design, plan, implement, and govern enterprise information technology architecture using industry frameworks and become a certified Enterprise Architect.
  • Project Management: Become familiar with projects and how they are developed. Certify in APM Fundamentals with an opportunity to build your skills beyond a foundation level.
  • Business Analysis: Identify business needs and determine solutions to help organizations adapt in a digital age. User Experience, Requirements Engineering, Stakeholder Analysis, Business Process Modelling, and why not become certified with a Business Analysis Diploma.
  • Service Architecture: Design and build end-to-end lifecycle strategies for our client's Services and Offerings. Become certified using a portfolio of industry-certified frameworks.
  • IT Consultant: In consultancy, no one is the 'finished article.' There's always scope to learn and improve, so we will support you with our dedicated team and Core Consultancy Skills Framework.

As a Business Analyst/IT Architect in the Digital Advantage team, you'll work on various projects across the breadth of our Markets: Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Government, Infrastructure, Security, Transport, and Utilities, amongst others. You will solve real business problems, applying a human touch and using appropriate technology to enable progress

You'll join a diverse team of diverse thinkers who challenge conventions as we empower clients to strengthen their organizations. Combining our skills within the team and wider AtkinsRéalis, we create effective strategies for business and technology based on evidence and feasibility.

Our combined skills in various fields allow us to take full responsibility for designing solutions. We follow the best methods and use suitable frameworks to meet needs comprehensively. Our success comes from our strong desire to work together seamlessly across AtkinsRéalis businesses. We focus on creating effective strategies for both business and technology based on evidence and practicality.

As Service Designers in Technology Solutions, we tackle diverse projects spanning Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Government, Infrastructure, Security, Transport, and Utilities. Our team solves complex business problems using a human-centered approach and appropriate technology.

As a graduate team member, enjoy working on exciting projects, gathering service requirements, and creating value-focused service designs. You'll also collaborate with customers, business analysts, technical designers, and support teams for a smooth transition to live service, ensuring verification, measurability, and continuous improvement.

We're diverse thinkers who dig deep into issues. Using various techniques and industry best practices, we help clients understand their business and design service solutions that maximize value. We'll ensure you have the tools, development, and support to succeed – everyone on the team is ready to help you grow and thrive.

Solution Architects in the Technology Solutions Team identify and capture requirements, build models and design artifacts, define technology architectures, and sometimes authorize complex solutions to meet client business and technology objectives. You will also ensure your solutions and designs are efficient, flexible, sustainable, fit-for-purpose, and sustainable. Alongside your peers, learn one or more leading technologies while developing your eye for detail.

You'll be involved in:

  • Building strong, supportive relationships with your clients.
  • Identifying, capturing, and analyzing requirements, opportunities, and risks.
  • Balancing technological and business solutions to address client needs.
  • Developing models, proposals, designs, solutions, and plans in line with business strategies and appropriate frameworks.
  • Driving through customer strategies in often complex, mixed technology environments.
  • Defining features, requirements, and development phases against which delivery must be made.
  • Working within established parameters and in line with various project management methodologies.

Want to design and shape digital products and experiences that will change the world? As a UX specialist in the Technology Solutions team, you'll support major transformation projects with our clients across the Aerospace, Defense, Energy, Government, and Transport sectors.

Our UX Team of designers and researchers puts users/customers at the heart of every solution. We believe technology should align with people's needs. Working on the team, you'll conduct User Research and UX/UI Design within AtkinsRéalis teams, collaborating with Business Analysts, Software Developers, and more to create modern, intuitive solutions.

You'll play a crucial role in shaping client technology products and solutions by:

  • Building strong, supportive relationships with our clients and their customers and end-users
  • Being a user-centric advocate: understanding what humans need to do and ensuring technology is built around 'what the person needs to do, rather than the system'
  • Identifying and eliciting requirements and User Needs by researching, interviews, and facilitating workshops with Users and Stakeholders
  • Producing high-quality User Research/UX deliverables, including Personas, Journey Maps, Service Blueprints
  • Contributing to Product Roadmaps and prioritization sessions, advocating for Business and User Needs
  • Translating User Stories and Requirements into functional specifications and feature designs, including creating wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Join our highly-respected Junior Consultant Development Programme (JCDP) for all the support and training you need to become a world-class Management Consultant or Project Manager. In this two-year program, develop your core consultancy skills and build specialist capabilities through client and internal projects, development, and training activities. You can also pursue Chartered Management Consultant Accreditation or Chartered Project Professional status.

As a Junior Consultant, you'll work independently and as part of a team with guidance from various experienced consultants, project managers, and mentors. From the inspiring projects you'll work on to the wide variety of career paths you can pursue, we will challenge and support your development from day one.

Become part of our vibrant Early Careers community that promotes a culture of Equality, Diversity, and inclusion (ED&I) in everything we do.

Our projects


The Road Trip of the Future

We’ve helped our partners in the automotive and technology sectors move a step closer to the safe and secure rollout of connected and autonomous vehicles.

We were appointed as cyber-security lead on the Nissan-led, cross industry collaboration called HumanDrive.

The aim was to develop a driverless car capable of navigating its way along Britain’s roads, including its country lanes and complex junctions.

We identified and assessed potential threats to the cyber security of the vehicle and developed a framework that could help the ecosystem develop more secure technology.


New Training Aircraft

Many of our projects are extraordinary.

For example, our team is advising our client, AERALIS, on the design and development of the UK’s first whole jet aircraft since the mid-1980s.

The aircraft, which will be used to train cadets to front-line pilots on advanced combat aircraft systems, are modular and, therefore, can be adapted to meet customers’ needs.

They’re also being developed using innovative technologies, including digital twins.

Plane in the sky

Preparing to Take-off: Zero Emission Aircraft

We’re working with the UK’s Electric Aviation Group (EAG) to accelerate the development of a commercial-scale, zero carbon and zero nitrogen oxides emission aircraft.

EAG plans to power its plane – H2ERA – with hybrid hydrogen-electric technology.

The company hopes its aircraft will be in the skies by 2030, which would make it the world’s “first true zero 90-seater” hydrogen electric regional aircraft. We’re providing a range of support, including business advisory services, safety assessments and specification, integration and certification.

Streamlining Airport Operations

Streamlining Airport Operations

Could you help the operator of one of the world’s busiest airports speed-up passengers’ journeys and increase the efficiency of its operations?

We’re working with Heathrow Airport Limited to increase automation across its terminals, including extending the use of biometrically enabled self-boarding gates and the IT that underpins them.

The improvements will reduce delays and enhance travellers’ experience.