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Software and digital graduate jobs

If you’re looking to pursue a career in Software and Digital, that excites us.

Scroll down to view our latest graduate roles. As we have a number of opportunities available, please read through the job descriptions, where you’ll find useful information to help you choose a role and understand more about our business.

You can only apply to one graduate role
and we want to ensure you make the best decision. There may be some opportunities on this page that accept applications from all disciplines, which you haven’t considered before, so make sure you check them out.

Being an AtkinsRéalis' graduate isn’t only about the great clients or inspiring global projects. It’s really about how much we can make a difference. Join us and you’ll be shaping, building, maintaining and expanding societies. You’ll be one of the thinkers behind some of the world’s largest and most essential structures – from water parks, to airports, to energy and water supplies. If you’re ready to take a vital role in the protection of the nation’s critical digital ecosystem, then we can offer you software and digital experiences that are unrivalled in allowing you to thrive and make a difference.

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Explore our projects

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport

Our technology and business teams secure and deliver IT services to Heathrow. Working at the airport, we collaborate with Heathrow to provide services that deliver business value using a diverse range of expertise including cyber and information security.

Read more about Heathrow airport
Cyber Risk Assessment

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our client is a Government who were concerned about their exposure to a cyber-attack that might impact their citizens, Government services, critical national infrastructure and economy.

Read more about Cyber Risk Assessment