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We have many people at AtkinsRéalis who volunteer their time to help thousands of young people learn more about STEM careers. In the UK some of these people have gone on to train as STEM ambassadors. We invite STEM Learning into our offices to run STEM induction sessions to make it as easy as possible to become a STEM ambassador.

We also invite internal and external experts to present at our lunchtime webinar sessions, and occasionally run more in depth training sessions on-site. Our STEM ambassadors attend events like classroom talks, careers fairs, workshops, as well as taking part in mentoring programmes. The most important thing is that these events are as interactive and fun as possible. You might have seen our Lego flood challenge, for example.

Why is STEM important to us

There is a shortage of professionals in our industry, and it is vital that we get more young people interested now, to protect the future of our industry. We really love our jobs, and we are really passionate about passing on our enthusiasm to young people, and encouraging more people into our industry.

After all, the work that we do can really make the world a better place, and affect people’s lives, and that leads to a really rewarding career. 

STEM volunteers

Find out how you can join over 500 AtkinsRéalis colleagues around the world to inspire the next generation.

The world needs engineers, designers, and scientists to ensure the future sustainability of its infrastructure. Yet we face a time when the supply of these skills is falling. Investing in and inspiring the next generation is hugely important when addressing this problem.

We have a responsibility to help the next generation realise the rewarding opportunities that a STEM career can offer. As a STEM volunteer you can motivate young people to enjoy, understand and pursue a STEM career. And there are benefits for you too. Gain experience public speaking and teaching, work as part of a team; join this growing community of STEM professionals. It’s a vital volunteer role and we hope that by raising awareness, we can entice more people to join our STEM network.

STEM Ambassador

A STEM story

Tracey Radford, practice manager, Infrastructure, and STEM ambassador shares her story:

“My activities used to be conducted on an ad-hoc basis reaching out to schools I knew through contacts I had. After a while though I decided to no longer go it alone and instead to become an official STEM ambassador. Once signed up I started to receive alerts on the numerous activities I could get involved in, from in-class practical demonstrations, afterschool clubs, career fairs, competitions, mock interviews – the list goes on. The role offered me the chance to engage with schools and children outside of my direct reach, which was truly rewarding. I became exposed to some of the poorest schools with disengaged pupils and teachers crying out for support, particularly in the STEM subjects. I also gained a huge support network and connected with fellow ambassadors who could share their experiences and ideas with me."

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