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Insights 5 Top traits of a successful apprentice

If you're on the hunt for a surefire pathway to a successful career, look no further than apprenticeships at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. Join our Talent Community to be the first to hear when our opportunities open.

But, why choose an apprenticeship? Apprenticeships combine the best of both worlds – practical experience and formal education, plus research shows 90% of apprentices are offered permanent employment. It's a chance to learn from the experts in your chosen field while earning a wage. No student loans, just real-world learning and a steady income – sounds like a winning formula, right?

As a leading global consultancy in design, engineering and project management, with over 80 years of expertise at our disposal, our engineering apprenticeships are second to none. 

Whether you’re looking at apprenticeships in engineering or a non-engineering role, you’ll get to work with people committed to engineering a better future. By diving into an apprenticeship, you'll acquire practical skills and invaluable industry knowledge. 

Now, what traits should a successful apprentice-to-be possess? Here are five top traits to embrace and develop:


Embrace change and be open to learning new things. Flexibility will help you thrive in any situation. At Atkins, you’ll tackle real challenges and make meaningful contributions to projects from day one, just like Millie who embraced the transition from education to the world of work

Getting used to a working environment can present new challenges and routines. You’ll find a flexible and supportive culture at Atkins to help you ease in. We want you to look after your wellbeing and get the most out of your life inside and outside work.


There are plenty of opportunities for growth at Atkins. Showing proactivity and taking initiative will get you far. Be eager to contribute and make a difference. And remember, it’s not all about work – we foster an environment where you can be your authentic self, and reach your full potential. We’re committed to creating inclusive work environments where everyone can thrive, and build a future to be proud of. 

You’ll have exciting opportunities to make an impact through social value activities, like Lucy, a founding member of our Auditory Impairments Employee Community Group, which supports staff with hearing and auditory impairments.


Take ownership of your work and commitments. Being accountable and reliable will earn you the trust of your mentors and supervisors. At Atkins you’ll be trusted to own your projects and drive your own development with the support of management and leadership. 

You’re in charge of your future but you don’t have to do it alone. You’ll have a supportive early careers community, with professional and social networking groups. 

Don’t just take our word for it. As Rowena shares:

“One of the main benefits of joining an apprenticeship scheme is that I could work with other young people in the same situation as me. [...] It's great to have a strong support network of friends and colleagues working on the same path in life that I am.”


Ask questions, seek understanding, and be curious about the intricacies of your chosen business area or team. A hunger for knowledge will drive your development and lead to new opportunities. Why not start by connecting with our apprentices to learn first-hand about life at Atkins, or explore some of our early careers projects


Strong communication skills are vital for building relationships with colleagues, mentors and clients. A key part of this skill is having the tools to make meaningful connections in your work and with people.

When you join Atkins on an apprenticeship, you’ll get to learn from experts in their field, and use cutting-edge technology. We don’t just talk the talk – digital is fundamental to our way of working. From our digital campus packed with insights from our young professionals to every element of the engineering process, digital transforms outcomes for our people, our data insights and our technology

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If you're ready to fast-track your career, embrace the journey of an apprenticeship. Master these top traits, and you'll be well on your way to a successful and fulfilling apprenticeship journey. Your success story begins here! Learn more about apprenticeships at Atkins today.

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