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Insights What does a graduate surveyor do in a typical day?

Embarking on a career in surveying offers an exciting journey filled with diverse challenges and opportunities. 

Atkins, operating under AtkinsRéalis, is a world-leading professional services and project management company dedicated to engineering a better future for our planet and its people. We create sustainable solutions that connect people, data and technology to transform the world's infrastructure and energy systems. 

We provide an exceptional platform for graduates to thrive in the dynamic world of surveying. On our surveying graduate scheme, you’ll gain exceptional support in developing technical, commercial, and consultancy skills.

Delve into a typical day for a graduate surveyor and explore the unique experiences offered under various teams within the organization.

What is a surveyor?

As a surveyor, you're not just overseeing construction projects – you're at the forefront of a dynamic, game-changing profession. Picture this: working hand-in-hand with architects, engineers, finance, ecologists, town planners, and property developers. The variety of professionals you’ll be collaborating with means you’re development is limitless., you're not bound by tradition – you're embracing cutting-edge tech.

Working with us, you’ll embrace cutting-edge tech. Think drones mapping land, creating virtual reality models, and and using big data to build a better world and leave your mark. 

You're ensuring new builds meet regulations, diagnosing structural issues, and advising on energy efficiency and environmental impact.

But it doesn't stop there. You're the go-to expert for insurance compliance, diving into land records, and settling boundary disputes. You're not just managing budgets; you're orchestrating conservation projects for historic buildings, handling grants, and shaping the future of our built environment.

Being a surveyor isn't just a job – it's a dynamic, impactful career where you're not following trends; you're setting them. 

Becoming a Building Surveyor within Infrastructure:

As a Graduate Building Surveyor in our Infrastructure business , you'll find yourself at the intersection of specialized building surveying and a broader multi-disciplinary environment. 

This role offers a unique blend of work on high-profile projects, working alongside seasoned professionals. Your day will include:

Delivering building surveying services:

Engaging in design, condition surveys, party wall advice, and pre/post-construction services for a variety of projects, from renovations to planned works.

Providing studies and reports:

Conducting feasibility studies, offering costing advice, defect diagnosis, and providing legal regulatory advice related to property matters.

Supporting low carbon and Net Zero schemes:

Contributing to environmentally conscious projects and supporting initiatives aligned with Atkins' commitment to addressing climate challenges.

Project & Programme Services:

As a Building Surveyor in Project & Programme Services, you'll experience a hands-on, client-facing role, working with project teams and the public. Back at the office, boredom is not an option – with a constant stream of diverse projects, our teams are expanding, and so is the variety of work.

Picture yourself managing projects spanning both the public and private sectors, from local primary school extensions to medieval fortresses, prison buildings to recording studios.

The scope is boundless, and so is your potential. We stand tall as one of the UK's leading providers of building surveying services, with a national team ready to support you through your APC and beyond. 

Quantity Surveying – Commercial Property 

Working on commercial property opens doors to exposure on a wide range of projects, from university campuses to residential schemes:

Guiding design teams: 

  • Ensuring projects align with clients' budgets, working with design teams, and managing construction costs.

Sharpening skills:

  • Developing communication, problem-solving, mathematical, and business acumen skills through diverse projects.

Quantity Surveying – Complex Infrastructure 

For graduates interested in the world of complex infrastructure, here, you will:

Work on prestigious projects:

  • Contribute to major civil engineering projects with high-profile clients in sectors like railway, Local Authority, highways, and aviation.

Take responsibility for varied projects:

  • Oversee projects ranging from £1m - £100m+, ensuring timely delivery within budget and specifications.

If you’re considering degree apprenticeships, read Akram’s story about how quantity surveying offers a blend of on-the-job training and theoretical knowledge. Learn if this route could be for you too.

Procurement – Complex Infrastructure 

If you are passionate about making a positive impact on infrastructure projects, a career in procurement with us offers:

Supporting growth in infrastructure:

  • Playing a pivotal role in supporting growth across Infrastructure and Transportation programs.

Diverse procurement activities:

  • Involvement in various procurement responsibilities, from bid tendering to evaluation, selection, negotiation, and delivery of goods and services.

Join a company of innovators

Joining AtkinsRéalis as a graduate surveyor means embracing a world of opportunities, from diverse projects to professional training, and exposure to high-level clients. We have a demonstrated commitment to training with exceptional APC results, exceeding the national average by 35%.

The AtkinsRéalis is not just about gaining professional accreditation; it's a holistic journey that fosters personal and career development, building a foundation for a successful and fulfilling career in surveying. 

Take the leap, and join us to be part of a team that leads the way in intelligent and sustainable solutions.