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Insights What makes a future-proof apprenticeship?

In today’s job market, it’s smart to think about the long-term trajectory of your career. After all, the world is evolving faster than ever, and the pace of change is unlikely to slow.

With that in mind, what makes an apprenticeship as future-proof as possible?

Look for a programme that will prepare you for future advancements, technological changes, and shifts in market demands. It's about acquiring transferable skills, embracing adaptability, and nurturing your innate curiosity.

To help you navigate your decision, we've broken down the main characteristics to look for in an apprenticeship. Plus, we'll be sharing some firsthand stories from our apprentices, giving you an insight into the apprenticeship journey at AtkinsRéalis.

The characteristics of a future-proof apprenticeship

An emphasis on lifelong learning

A dynamic apprenticeship offers a compelling educational pathway, where classroom lessons meet real-world experience. It's an opportunity to fuel your thirst for knowledge and immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities.

A focus on transferable skills

Mastering transferable skills forms the bedrock of your career journey - particularly important when you’re exploring what roles, industries, and projects pique your curiosity. These skills encompass building key client relationships, honing project management abilities, and embracing digital skills.

The integration of technology

In a world where technology drives progress at lightning speed, adapting and embracing innovation is paramount. Seek apprenticeships that enable you to harness technology in new ways to address modern-day challenges.

Alignment with industry trends

An innovative programme is more than just a pathway - it's a journey that blends hands-on training with invaluable mentorship. In this way, apprentices gain more than just knowledge, they cultivate a deep understanding of emerging trends, best practices, and the latest innovations directly from industry experts. 

Flexibility and adaptability

We’re not all the same, and that’s our greatest strength. 

An apprenticeship isn't just about getting a job; it's about empowering you to shape your future and find your passion. Placing you in the driver's seat, you'll have the freedom to balance work and life, so you can deliver your best work and make a meaningful impact on the world.

What are the benefits of pursuing a future-proof apprenticeship?

  • It opens up new career possibilities

As you immerse yourself in various industries and tackle diverse projects, you'll uncover your strengths and identify areas where your skills shine brightest.

  • You learn how to navigate industry changes

With the support of technical specialists and mentors, you’ll gain firsthand exposure to industry practices, trends, and technologies.

  • It’ll prepare you for new and emerging jobs

Choose the right apprenticeship and you’ll work on projects that offer scale and variety, offering insights into the types of roles you could shape and nurture in the future.

  • It offers long-term employability

An apprenticeship that is as future proof as possible should not only provide you with the technical skills needed for today's job market, but also the adaptability, critical thinking, and resilience necessary to thrive in tomorrow's ever-evolving workplace.

How do our programmes make apprentices future-ready?

Our purpose is to engineer a better future for our planet and its people. That's why we're on the lookout for inquisitive minds, those who see challenges as pathways to innovation. Our apprenticeships are developed to equip apprentices with far more than just skills.

But don't just take our word for it. Listen to the firsthand experiences of some of our apprentices at AtkinsRéalis and discover the invaluable insights they gained during their journey with us.

Akram - Quantity Surveyor Apprentice

“AtkinsRéalis is involved in several significant global and local projects, such as Sizewell C and HS2, so I feel like I'm making a real, positive impact on the world. I also work on projects where Net Zero and sustainability are at the forefront of decision-making.”

Ellie - Civil Engineering Apprentice

“It improved my understanding of our business and clients' needs, enhanced my presentation and communication skills, and boosted my ability to use digital dashboards and data visualization tools, like Power BI.

Elizabeth - Cyber Security Apprenticeship 

“Meeting with senior colleagues at such an early stage in my career increased my business knowledge, developed my confidence, and allowed me to meet many diverse colleagues.

Join our apprentices

Are you ready to be part of a world-leading, inspiring, and ambitious team?

If you have a curious mindset and are ready to challenge your way of thinking, an apprenticeship at AtkinsRéalis could be just the perfect fit for you.

Learn more about apprenticeships at AtkinsRéalis to explore your opportunities. Or if you’re still weighing your options, read our blog - What are the pros and cons of an apprenticeship?