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STEM students

STEM students

Everything around us, from the homes we live in, to the streets we walk, drive and cycle along and the objects we use, have been designed by people, just like those who work at AtkinsRéalis.

We work on a number of projects with thousands of different engineers and environmental scientists. From making sure that structures don’t fall over, that there is power, ensuring that you can evacuate in an emergency and assessing the noise impact of a building.

What is an engineer

They design and build things that help solve a specific problem. For example, who do you think designed the trainers Mo Farah wears? Engineers design running shoes for protection, performance and comfort. But there are many other types of engineers: civil, mechanical, electrical, aerospace and software engineers to name but a few, who solve all kinds of problems helping us evolve into the future.

To read more about engineering visit Tomorrow's Engineers.

So, am I an engineer?

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So, am I an engineer?

What exactly is STEM

It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. You might have heard STEM talked about by your teachers, on the web or mentioned on TV. There are lots of STEM careers out there and lots more coming in the future, and we need people like you to be ready to do them. You could be working on innovative, creative and life changing jobs that make a huge difference in the world. Engineers do this all the time!

Why think about your career now?

What you study at school really affects what kinds of jobs you could be doing in the future. Choosing the right subjects in school could lead you to an exciting and creative career for the rest of you life.

A typical day at AtkinsRéalis

Days can be very varied at AtkinsRéalis, we could be visiting one of our projects or clients, or in the office making calculations, researching, talking to clients and managing projects. Many people think that a career at AtkinsRéalis is all about STEM, but an ability to communication and innovation are just as important. Being an engineer or an environmental scientists isn’t a dirty job, we do wear high vis jackets and hard hats sometimes, and normally this is when we are in some really interesting places, but much of what we do is in our offices analysing data, solving problems, and preparing reports and working people.

It’s really exciting working on these projects, as you get to see what you have worked on come to life whether near where you live, or in other countries.

STEM engineers

What you could be doing in STEM

Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Architect, Geotechnical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Landscape Engineer, Acoustic Engineer, Signalling Engineer, Environmental Scientist, Facilities manager, Financial controller, Accountant, Geologist, IT, Personal Assistant, Human Resources, Highway policing consultant, Hydrogeologist, Management consultant, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, Lawyer, Quantity Surveyor, Recruiter, CAD technician, Urban Planner, Scientist, Transport Planner and so much more!


The future of STEM careers

The future is all about innovation, creation and discovery. Technology is a vital component of the future and these are just some examples of what you could do:

Green Power Creator
Technology tutor
Drone Technicians
Space exploration
Future Farmers
3D Printing development
Data Managers
Climate Analyst
A.I. Technicians
Science Ethicist