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Insights How the pandemic hit fast-forward on India's digital transformation

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an unprecedented level of devastation to humanity across the world; lives have been lost and economies have been disrupted. However, when it comes to technology, India has seized the opportunity to thrive, accelerating towards digital transformation at full speed.

At AtkinsRéalis , and through brand Atkins and Faithful+Gould, we are embracing the full potential of digital transformation, as we know that it allows us to deliver more value for our clients on each project worldwide. We are shaping the future of engineering by combining traditional techniques with new technologies and innovative thinking, providing a sustainable and safe environment for future generations.

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India’s digital transformation

Digital is driving India’s economic growth. Prior to the pandemic, the use of technology and digital systems had been rising. In 2019, Digital India was announced by the government with the aim to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy and encourage more businesses in the country to embrace digital technologies. When the pandemic hit, with the digital infrastructure in place, India was ready to go virtual, and so the country’s digital transformation accelerated.

Now, with more than half a billion people using the internet, India is one of the largest and fastest-growing markets for digital consumers, so the opportunities are vast. We have all become accustomed to remote working, and so the number of online consumers is rapidly increasing. The use of digital technology is bridging communities in towns and cities, providing access to services that were previously unavailable.

What is the potential of digital in India?

Data is the world’s most valuable commodity, and by adopting digital techniques that utilise data, we can harness the true potential of technology in India. As a society, our behaviours change with the adoption of technology, and the pandemic has enhanced this; we are seeing changes in almost every part of our lives.

For a country as diverse and vast as India, adopting digital technology is not always straightforward. However, by being agile, keeping up with further changes and innovating, the potential of digital is limitless; we can constantly improve the digital infrastructure and the core technology systems that we rely on. For example, India is one of the world’s largest emitters of carbon dioxide, and we can use initiatives such as digital twin technology to reduce carbon emissions, and help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. This will mean that there is a growing requirement to accommodate these initiatives by introducing more digital roles in India.

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Leveraging digital in engineering

All industries are driving towards digital transformation at full speed, and global economies are relying on technology to change how products and services are delivered. Artificial intelligence (AI), for example, is resculpting our growing transport network around the world. AI, a suite of tools that replicates the abilities of humans, has been leveraged in the transportation sector to increase safety, reduce traffic congestion, and lessen carbon emissions. AI is one of many digital technologies that we use within the AtkinsRéalis Group to continuously improve digital solutions that will help us provide for a sustainable future.

Paul Shepherd-Smith, Atkins’ operations director in APAC has made a case for open-source engineering. For him, digital transformation presents an opportunity to add more value to every project and deliver better outcomes to our clients and our communities.

Collaboration is key

A common theme with digital transformation is the need for greater organisational agility. To fully reap the benefits of digital in the construction industry, we need to encourage knowledge-sharing, cooperation, and collaboration. These are key components that enable the effective enhancement of our sector with digital, but we also need an agile and optimised workforce who have the capabilities to innovate with digital and apply new techniques in practice.

Engineer a career in digital at AtkinsRéalis in India

The potential of what India can achieve with technology is immense, and at AtkinsRéalis , we are ready for a digital future. Our solutions positively impact societies around the world by incorporating sustainability at all levels, ensuring we deliver a better tomorrow.

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