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Insights Building bridges to success: 5 benefits of networking

At AtkinsRéalis, we offer ambitious minds the opportunity to propel their careers through our Graduate Development Programme (GDP). We’re a world-leading design, engineering and project management organisation with decades of experience guiding young professionals to success. 

One thing that always proves valuable for our cohorts is networking. Through your AtkinsRéalis career journey, networking can be an essential tool for building genuine professional relationships, sharing knowledge, informing important decisions, and creating long-lasting connections that will support you throughout your career.

You can come and speak to us at careers events or access our Connectr platform, where you can message our early careers online mentors directly, and ask them anything you like about what it’s like to work at AtkinsRéalis. Our mentors are all graduates, who have been where you’ve been, so they’re equipped with the experience to help you succeed! 

Reaching out can seem daunting but remember, we’re here to help, and have resources to empower you in your career decisions. 

What are the top benefits to networking?

Expanding your professional network can significantly boost your chances of success, provide a direct link to opportunities that you may not be aware of, and help you gain valuable insights. There are many benefits to networking, including:

Learning and growth: 

Networking allows you to tap into the wisdom of experienced professionals. Through discussions, mentorship, and advice, you gain insights and knowledge that you might not acquire in any other way and that could help you stand out on your graduate application.

Confidence and communication skills: 

Regular networking boosts your self-confidence and sharpens your communication skills. You become more adept at articulating your ideas, which is crucial in any professional setting.

Diverse perspectives: 

Networking exposes you to a diverse range of perspectives. These varied viewpoints can help you approach problems differently and think more creatively, enhancing your problem-solving abilities.

Support system: 

Building a network means you have a support system in place. During challenging times, your contacts, whether they’re mentors or grads like you, can provide guidance, emotional support, or even help you find solutions to difficult problems.

Industry insights: 

Networking events, conferences, and discussions keep you updated on industry trends and developments. Staying informed about what's happening in your field is crucial for staying competitive.

Ready to cultivate meaningful connections to propel your career?

Networking is the compass that can guide you towards your goals. It isn't just about shaking hands and collecting business cards, it's about cultivating meaningful connections that can open doors to new opportunities and horizons. 

Embrace networking to learn, grow, and access opportunities you might not have otherwise. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your career to the next level, invest in your network, and watch your career soar to new heights. Stay up to date on all things AtkinsRéalis Early Careers through live events and videos on our digital campus.

Your dream job, your next big project, or your ideal mentor might be just an event or an email away. 

Start networking today, stay curious, and learn more about our Graduate Development Programme (GDP).