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Featured in an Amazing Apprenticeship article, read Tash's blog below.

Meet Tash Tustin, Apprentice Consultant on the Development Programme here at AtkinsRéalis. Here’s her perspective on apprentice life inside AtkinsRéalis: 

How do you balance work and study with an apprenticeship?

On my university day, I often work on assignments or read in the morning and then attend lectures in the afternoon. Everyone I work with supports the time I spend on my studies. AtkinsRéalis’ flexible work culture means I can split my study time across multiple days by doing a few hours each weekday. So, I’m free to find the right balance for me, and when on study leave, no one interrupts me. Most of my assignments are “work-based,” and my colleagues are always more than happy to help answer my questions.

What skills do you develop on an apprenticeship?

AtkinsRéalis has helped me develop skills for life, such as teamwork and leadership. Since joining, I’ve discovered what I’m capable of by being supported on tasks somewhat out of my comfort zone. For example, I’ve built competence and confidence in programmes like Excel by using them daily.

Why choose to do an apprenticeship?

I wanted to kick start my career and do formal learning at university, while learning skills ‘on the job’. Learning at university and applying the knowledge at work is the best way I learn.

Why choose AtkinsRéalis?

I developed a real passion for business studies during my A-levels. I wanted to be a consultant, helping clients solve problems and make a difference. I like AtkinsRéalis because of its huge range of exciting projects.

What does an apprentice do?

As an Apprentice Management Consultant, I spend four days a week creating value for clients like Heathrow and EDF – improving performance, providing objective advice and implementing business solutions. I spend one day a week studying for my degree in Project Management.

What's the best part of your apprenticeship?

Being selected as Vice Chair for School Leavers and Apprentices at the Young Management Consultancies Association. I use my passion for apprenticeships to encourage other school leavers to apply. Representing the consultancy industry and AtkinsRéalis at this level demonstrates the wealth of opportunities available to me here at AtkinsRéalis.

What is AtkinsRéalis' social scene like?

Each month the Young Professionals Forum puts on a funded and unfunded social. These have included bingo in a nightclub, Oktoberfest and roller skating. We also have sports clubs, like football, rugby and netball – and a Yammer network (an online networking service) with like-minded communities, such as AtkinsRéalis Sailing and Photography.

What will you do once your apprenticeship is finished?

My future is bright at AtkinsRéalis, and I see myself staying on. I’ll be able to choose which consultancy area I would like to specialise in. I’m interested in Business Change and Engagement, but I still have three years to decide. I’d be keen to become a line manager, making a difference for other apprentices after me.

Are you looking for an apprenticeship? 

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