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Insights Top tips on choosing the right graduate scheme for you

Maroof joined AtkinsRéalis, on our Graduate Project Manager Programme in September 2022. Working in our Transportation practice, Maroof enjoys bringing his skills to the table across a range of exciting projects – and can't wait to take on leadership roles on even bigger projects.


Here, Maroof shares his Top Five Reasons for joining our graduate scheme:

1. Choose a community that loves innovation

Throughout the hiring process, everyone was very friendly and took the time to get to know me for who I am. That sense of community made choosing AtkinsRéalis very easy, and I have felt like a valued team member ever since. Coming from an engineering background, I was also actively looking to join a company committed to transforming the world through innovation. When I was shown in more detail the diverse range of projects I would have the opportunity to participate in, the choice to join AtkinsRéalis for me was quite straightforward.

2. Choose an organisation with great prospects

The future is really bright. Whenever I come across a new engineering project on the news, AtkinsRéalis always seems to be involved. The prospect of being directly involved in revolutionary projects on an international scale, which is also having a real positive impact on the ground, is something many other companies cannot provide. The unwavering support I have through the graduate programme is helping me move forward in my career and preparing me to take on leadership roles on even bigger projects, where I hope to be in a few years.

3. Choose a supportive environment

AtkinsRéalis is all about people. I've never worked for a company that doesn't care much about hierarchy. I find myself one day working alongside my peers and the next, having a great conversation with a senior leader right next to me. Learning from a diverse group of people willing to spend their time with you is one of the main reasons I love working here and see myself doing so for years to come. Although my home office is in Manchester, I've been to several others across the country in the past few months. Their atmosphere has been fantastic – it is a great place to work.

What has also really impressed me is AtkinsRéalis' commitment to helping me progress and achieve my Chartership status. I am given time for individual training and the opportunity to plan my own development without strict guidelines put in place. AtkinsRéalis has already proved that they value their employees' development and actively ensure this is achieved.

4. Choose broad experience for career advancement

Within the first six months, I've already been a part of four different projects, all unique in their own way. I am working on a three-million-pound project to deliver two brand-new railway stations at Willenhall and Darlaston. As part of this team, I work with many professionals at AtkinsRéalis and contractor companies across the UK and the world. 

The local community hasn't had a rail transport link since the closure of the two stations in 1965, and it's wonderful to know that I'm working on something that really matters. I am pleasantly surprised with the level of trust, responsibility and support given to me by AtkinsRéalis within the very short time I have been here. 

The organization lets you drive your own development your way. I thrive on stepping outside my comfort zone and plunging right into the deep end. AtkinsRéalis has responded to this and given me the perfect start to my career.

5. Choose a workplace that embraces flexible working

One thing I've come to really appreciate about working here at AtkinsRéalis is the flexible working opportunities. It has helped me increase my efficiency as I have greater flexibility in my schedule, making me feel much more productive. My day-to-day life is much easier to manage, and I can build great relationships at the office and while at home. I also feel better about myself that I can reduce my carbon footprint by not commuting to work every day and contributing to AtkinsRéalis' sustainability goals in achieving a zero-carbon future.

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