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Insights What to expect on a placement at AtkinsRéalis

Are you wondering how to boost your future career prospects? Practical experience in the real world is where the magic happens. That's where placements at AtkinsRéalis come in. They offer an incredible opportunity to bridge the gap between theory and practice, giving you a competitive edge in the job market. Don’t just take it from us, read firsthand how Isaac made the most of his summer placements, and went from stellar student to epic employee.

We're driven to create sustainable solutions, connecting people, data and technology so we can partner with clients to bring a range of projects across the world to life, from big to small, simple and effective to the most complex and ingenious. From delivering world-class waterparks to building upon the successful foundations of a legacy such the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park development, there’s a breadth of exciting projects to work on.

Are you ready to embrace the power of a placement? Let’s get started!

What is an AtkinsRéalis placement?

Our paid placement opportunities are tailored for students across all degree years, typically excluding the final year of study. We offer two types of placements:

Summer placements: 

Our summer placement opportunities are immersive experiences which last a minimum of 8 weeks and are ideally undertaken during your longest academic break, spanning from June through to August.

Industrial placements:

An industrial placement – often integrated within a degree course – can count towards your academic requirements. Typically commencing at the start of the academic year (September/October), they extend for a duration of 12 months.

Specific dates for both types of placements are finalised upon receiving an offer.

Our placements provide a fantastic opportunity to gain firsthand exposure to our work environment while complementing your degree studies. Whether you spend a few weeks with us during the summer or embark on a year-long industrial placement, you'll gain invaluable practical experience, enriching your understanding of the industry beyond what academic studies can provide. 

How do you benefit from a placement?

Gain real-world experience

From consulting to designing, when you join AtkinsRéalis, you’ll contribute to engineering a better future for our people and planet. We care about helping you get the most out of your career. Working with us, you’ll find a supportive network with a diverse mix of people like Ben who join our placements, and senior leadership who are on-hand to support you.

Boost your employability 

Industry-level work experience increases your chances of securing a graduate job. Plus, working with renowned and respected experts in design, engineering and project management will set you up for success, helping you stand out from the crowd. 

Open doors for your future 

At AtkinsRéalis, we take pride in recognising our exceptional placement students who excel during their time with us. Each year, our top performing placement students (who’ve done at least 8 weeks on placement with us) have the opportunity to be nominated onto our Graduate Development Programme (GDP), bypassing the standard recruitment process and securing a highly sought-after offer of a place on the programme.

Gain a stellar reference 

Employers recognise the value of practical experience, and a positive reference can serve as a testament to your capabilities and work ethic. A placement can offer you the opportunity to gain a strong reference for your CV.

Test-drive your career 

Gain practical experience that allows you to evaluate if the role aligns with your passions and goals, ultimately ensuring a more informed career decision. With our reputation for excellence in engineering, you’re sure to love the sense of pride you get working at AtkinsRéalis. 

What is the structure of the placement?

The structure of your placement will depend on which team you join. 

Whichever team, we can guarantee that you’ll be learning about the exciting world of engineering, design and project management through challenging tasks and responsibilities which help contribute towards our company vision and goals and prepare you for your future graduate career. Read about the experiences of some of our placement students.

Who can do a placement?

Our placements are full-time paid work posts, designed to support and complement the academic journey of undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing relevant degrees.

Whether you choose to join us for a few weeks during the summer or embark on a year-long industrial placement, you'll gain unparalleled experience of the real working world. 

When you join AtkinsRéalis, you’ll join a culture of global cooperation, contribute to sustainable projects like Railway Engineer, Daniele, or learn how projects grow from conceptual ideas to full detailed design, right through to construction like Rose.

This invaluable experience will equip you with practical knowledge and understanding of the industry that goes beyond what can be obtained solely through academic studies. 

Get ready to unlock your future success

Employers are constantly on the lookout for graduates who can hit the ground running. They want candidates who have some understanding of how things work in industry, who can navigate challenges, and who bring a fresh perspective to the table. And guess what? Placements provide exactly that.

Take the first step towards a successful career by joining us on a placement like no other, giving you control over your own future. Learn more about placements at AtkinsRéalis today.