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Insights "I just got paid!" Why students are choosing AtkinsRéalis apprenticeships

Charlie standing and pointing delivering presentation

A day in the life of a paid apprentice

Continuing our exploration of Charlie Beckwith's journey at AtkinsRéalis (head here if you haven't read Part One): Charlie takes us through a typical week, the projects he's worked on and how he's shaping a better future.

Balancing my week #InsideAtkinsRéalis

Doing what I love whilst learning on a paid apprenticeship is pretty great!

My weekly routine is an exciting mix of work and studies. Mondays are spent at the University of Portsmouth and three days at the Epsom office in Woodcote Grove. I round out the week with a day working from home.

"The Epsom office environment is very conducive to a positive work experience. It's a friendly atmosphere where everyone is open to questions, and we often have fun, collaborative, and helpful design review sessions." —Charlie, Degree Apprentice Architecture

Thriving in great company

I sit in the Architecture & Master planning team. There's so much to help progress my career progression here. I'm exposed to a huge variety of live projects with the support, of course, of my peers and senior colleagues. There are also plenty of other learning opportunities you can put your hand up for.

I’m part of the 3D printing team which taught me about enhancing workflows, team visualization, presenting to clients, and a better understanding of projects. 

We young professionals have recently started a "Multi-D Club." It's an excellent opportunity for apprentices from different departments to share work and study experiences. 

I enjoy learning from professionals in other fields, discovering what they do, and getting their perspectives on my work.

Why do an apprenticeship?

Learning on a wide range of projects

I've been involved in a lot of different sectors at AtkinsRéalis! So I've gained a broad range of experience on projects at varying scales. I was on the education team for three months, which helped me to understand different design approaches.

The project I spent most of my time on was for an education sector client. I worked on technical drawings, 3D visual rendering and learned construction techniques. This experience and my shift to the Research and Innovation team have widened my perspective on architecture and design.

Engineering better for our planet and its people

After working with the Education Team, I moved to the Research & Innovation team. It's been a great experience so far. I'm helping the section with research into vernacular architecture and innovative façade designs and how their design is driven by sunlight. 

This opened my eyes to different modern technologies I can carry to my future projects and how they will support AtkinsRéalis' goals for a NetZero future. 

As the UK government recommits to NetZero by 2050, it's an ever-growing consideration in design and planning.

Would you recommend a paid apprenticeship at AtkinsRéalis?

"A really proud moment was seeing my work clearly impact the project's progression and seeing my work on the report submitted to the client. I love knowing my contributions make a real difference to the planet." —Charlie, Degree Apprentice Architecture

You’ll love working at AtkinsRéalisif a sustainable ethos resonates with you.

Interested in an apprenticeship with us? Go for it! Learn more about our popular apprenticeship programme, and remember to apply early.

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