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Insights Do you work where your Pride is respected?

My name is Lewis. I'm a social scientist at AtkinsRéalis in the UK. For Pride 2024, as we focus on #ProtectOurPride, I'm proud to be part of the organization's commitment to inclusivity and respect for the LGBTQ+ community through our work and support of each other.

Photo of Lewis smiling towards the camera

How AtkinsRéalis gives me a voice for change

I joined Equilibrium, our LGBT+ employee resource group (ERG), to meet like-minded individuals who had experiences similar to mine and who identify as LGBTQ+. A defining moment with the ERG was running an LGBT+ networking event commemorating LGBTQ+ History Month.

We spent months preparing the event. Everyone across AtkinsRéalis, including our clients, came together to reflect on how far the community has come, discuss barriers we still need to remove, and how organizations can best support LGBT+ people. Overall, the evening was a huge success, with lots of positive feedback.

I enjoyed meeting new people I may not have interacted with otherwise. This made me feel closer to my AtkinsRéalis colleagues, especially since I was fairly new to the organization at the time. Community is necessary in the workplace, and being a part of the ERG has given me this.

Countless opportunities to grow and connect

In the only several months I've been with the organization, I have been involved in many other external and internal projects, from training opportunities to networking and vendor events. I also created my own behavioral and social science community of interest.

What a social scientist does at AtkinsRéalis

I sit with the Digital Experience team, which specializes in end-to-end service design as part of our digital business analyst capability. My role involves applying a people perspective in behavioral & social science models to understand the why behind a user's experience of a system, service, or piece of technology and the how behind the tools and techniques that might best optimize their journey.

I joined AtkinsRéalis because of the wealth of opportunities available when working for an engineering and technology multinational organization. In terms of what keeps me at AtkinsRéalis, I would say the culture."

When it comes to my career, my team has my back

Everyone has been incredibly supportive and willing to point me in the right direction where needed. Equally, there's also an interesting variety of projects and development opportunities. I work in the ADS&T (Aerospace, Defence, Security & Technology) team. These areas are essential to the country, which means we work on meaningful and impactful projects.

AtkinsRéalis support is professional and personal

Our compensation package, Total Reward, includes health and lifestyle support, flexible benefits, opportunities to buy more annual leave, and more. All these have contributed to my enjoying my time with AtkinsRéalis and feeling like the organization has my best interests at heart.

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