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Insights Heathrow airport

Heathrow Airport is the UK’s busiest and only hub airport. It’s a cornerstone of the country’s economy and one of Britain’s major gateways to the rest of the world. We’re providing design solutions for Heathrow’s IT and asset replacement programme. In 2016 we were appointed as part of an Integrated Design team that will design the airport’s sustainable expansion.


  • £187bn in economic benefits by 2050
  • 100 largest towns/cities will be connected to Heathrow by 2030
  • 70% of Britain’s population will be within 3 hours of Heathrow by 2030

Future proof technology

Our technology and business teams secure and deliver IT services to Heathrow. Working at the airport, we collaborate with Heathrow to provide services that deliver business value using a diverse range of expertise including cyber and information security, biometrics, data modelling, business change, project management and technology delivery. We are currently working on the world’s largest deployment of biometrically enabled technology from check-in (self-service bag drops) to boarding (self-boarding gates).

image of people scanning their boarding passes at the airport

Multidisciplinary transformation

We’re programme designers for Heathrow’s £1.1bn Asset Replacement programme. The programme encompasses all parts of airport infrastructure – from replacing life-expired terminal utilities, to delivering new facilities on the airfield and upgrading or repurposing existing assets. Our teams deliver the programme using operational technology, providing safer solutions with improved quality control procedures that maximize offsite manufacture and assembly.

Expanding on expertise

As part of Heathrow’s Integrated Design Team, we develop concepts for the airport’s sustainable expansion. It’s creating career-defining opportunities for our employees. We’re able to build on our existing knowledge of Heathrow, plus our global experience of major hub airports and infrastructure programmes. Boosting our nationHeathrow’s expansion will make an incredible difference to millions of people across the UK. Passengers across Britain will find it easier to travel to Heathrow and benefit from more choice and competition among airlines. UK businesses will be able to connect to new trading opportunities across the globe. It will also boost our tourism industry, with more flights from new destinations, and seamless links to the whole of the UK.

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