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Insights What can I do with my Geography degree?

Joining AtkinsRéalis with a Geography degree

As a global leader in design, engineering and project management, AtkinsRéalis is equipped with 80 years of experience and expertise to help you thrive. 

Our success stories from graduates who chose non-engineering routes are proof that you don’t need to be an Engineer to make an impact in the world around us. 

Geography is key in the design and implementation of solutions that mitigate the impact of climate change, manage resources efficiently, and create resilient communities.

At AtkinsRéalis , you can use your Geography degree to help engineer a better future for our planet and its people. Utilise your knowledge and help address pivotal future societal and environmental challenges with our Environmental and Geography graduate roles.

The UK government has set a national target to cut emissions by 78% by 2035 and hit a national target of carbon neutrality by 2050. With ambitious goals like these, social sciences such as Geography continue to play a vital role in confronting environmental challenges. 

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Explore gateways to careers using your Geography degree:

For graduates looking to make a tangible difference, there are many and varied careers in which you can use your geography degree. We are a gateway to impactful careers through our diverse range of graduate schemes. 

These programmes provide an opportunity to apply geographical expertise to real-world challenges, fostering innovation and sustainability across various sectors. 

Nationwide programmes you can take at AtkinsRéalis with a Geography degree: 

  • Project Management Scheme: As a project manager, graduates can lead initiatives that address critical societal needs, ensuring efficient and sustainable outcomes for our clients and communities.
  • Environmental Graduate Scheme: As one of our Graduate Environmental Consultants, you could find yourself working in our Infrastructure or Nuclear & Power business areas, ensuring our projects are safe, eco-friendly, and safeguard our natural resources.
  • Waste Management Scheme: Play a crucial role in managing waste sustainably and minimising environmental impact. You’ll play a key part in helping us reach Net-Zero by 2050, helping teams drive evolution in the areas such as managing energy from waste.
  • Intelligent Mobility and Smart Technologies Graduate Scheme: You’ll get to work alongside over 70 specialist professionals contributing to the development of future transport, across cutting-edge projects from digital and smart roads to emerging mobility.
  • Transport Planning and Consultancy Graduate Scheme: Contribute to the development of efficient and sustainable transportation systems. As part of the Graduate Development Programme (GDP) you’ll gain experience across four sub-disciplines in Transport Planning including Economics and Business Case, Strategic Transport & Strategy, Transport Modelling, and Cities and Development Planning.
  • Management Consultancy Graduate Scheme: Apply geographical insights to solve complex business challenges and drive positive organisational change.
  • Surveying Graduate Scheme: Utilise spatial data to inform decision-making processes, ensuring accurate and insightful information for various projects.
  • Asset Management Graduate Scheme: Manage and optimise infrastructure assets, playing a key role in ensuring the longevity and sustainability of critical systems.
  • Geospatial and Geomatics Graduate Scheme: Being a part of the Geospatial team could see you providing a range of services covering the full lifecycle of location-based information, from data acquisition to spatial analysis. In the Geomatics team you could define innovative solutions using leading-edge surveying and remote sensing technologies including drone and Ground penetrating Radar.

Transferable skills from a Geography degree:

The beauty of studying Geography lies in its ability to foster a diverse range of transferable skills that seamlessly transition into the professional world. 

With a Geography degree you’ll possess strong analytical abilities, a deep understanding of spatial relationships, and excellent research and communication skills. These skills are not only valuable but also incredibly relevant, especially as environmental concerns take centre stage in various industries.

Empowering females in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)

Embracing diversity in STEM fields is crucial for innovation and progress. We’re committed to inspiring more young minds interested now, to protect the future of our industry. 

If you’re still weighing up undergraduate study routes into STEM, Geography serves as a promising entry route, providing a multidisciplinary foundation across science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

Reports reveal that female graduates in Geography are earning over 10% more compared to the average female graduate. Meanwhile, male Geographers are exceeding the average male graduate earnings by more than 2%. 

Statistics on graduate earnings shows that Geography emerges as a standout performer, surpassing disciplines such as Technology, Biosciences, and History. 

This underscores the economic value of a Geography education, that can pave the way for a rewarding career.

What will you do with your Geography degree at AtkinsRéalis ? 

A geography degree is a passport to a world of opportunities where every decision made has the power to shape a sustainable future. The need for individuals primed with a geographical perspective has never been more critical.

Graduates joining AtkinsRéalis will embark on a journey where their skills are not only valued but celebrated as they contribute to the creation of resilient, environmentally conscious societies. 

As we stand at the intersection of environmental challenges and innovative solutions, AtkinsRéalis invites aspiring graduates to be the architects of change, forging careers that make a lasting impact on the world we live in. Explore our Environmental and Geography graduate roles today.