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Insights How Danny prioritizes his mental health at AtkinsRéalis

Hi, my name is Danny. I'm a project manager in the Complex Infrastructure programme, project, and portfolio management (P3M) team. I've been with AtkinsRéalis since August 2022 and am working on Manchester Airports Group's (MAG) Stansted Airport Transformation Programme. In this blog, I'll tell you a little about me and give you four insights into the culture around mental health inside AtkinsRéalis.

Photo of Danny smiling towards the camera

I was the project manager who started the Stansted Transformation Programme by kicking off the Landside Utilities Diversions project. I felt proud to work on my commission for AtkinsRéalis and excited for the change I'd be a part of in the years to come."

Why I joined the Complex Infrastructure P3M team

I previously worked for a main contractor with little opportunity to change projects. I wanted to change to a consultancy role to give myself more opportunities to work on different types of projects. I was drawn to AtkinsRéalis due to its values and the endorsements I got from people in the industry. When I had my interview with team leads Mary and Will, I knew I had to work here. And I was pleased to get the job offer.

Let's talk about mental health at work

To me, mental health is how you cope with everything going on in your life at that time. Every day is different—sometimes, we feel down without knowing why. It's important to support our mental health by eating, drinking well, and having a routine. We spend so much time at work, so not coping there can seriously affect our mental health.

Here are four ways I manage my mental health at AtkinsRéalis:

1. Embrace human connections for mental health

I make sure I go to the gym regularly. Not only to keep fit but also because many of my mates go to the same one as me. It's a good chance to see them and have a catch-up outside the pub.

2. Wellbeing ERG: Giving back boosts mental health

Seeing talented team-mates go the extra mile makes you want to do more. Being part of the Wellbeing Employee Resource Group (ERG) allows me to give something back. I have the opportunity to create insightful work that makes a difference to others in the organization. It's also a great way to expand your network in AtkinsRéalis and embed yourself in the team.

3. It's important to feel supported in the workplace

There is a wealth of knowledge within the organization. I've always been able to reach out to colleagues—not only for day-to-day advice about my commission, but also for guidance to help me achieve my NEC 4 accreditation on the road to my chartership.

4. Work where you feel rewarded

What keeps me at AtkinsRéalis? The freedom to develop my career. We're given the tools to progress at AtkinsRéalis and trusted with how we use those tools, which I think is rare. The projects we get to work on! Due to our reputation, we can work on amazing projects across all sectors. The people. Day-to-day tasks are so much easier when you feel part of a team and supported.

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