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Insights Why AtkinsRéalis men don't tough it out. We talk it out.

Hello, my name is Matt. I joined AtkinsRéalis to become a management consultant. Now, I'm a first-year management consultant apprentice studying project management at Northumbria University. AtkinsRéalis appealed to me because it offers a variety of clients and roles, giving me an opportunity to learn and be involved in many different aspects of the job. There are so many opportunities to explore here—I just want to keep learning and developing my skills on different projects as much as possible.

Photo of Matt smiling towards the camera

Pursuing work/life passions

In my spare time, I enjoy running. I love adventure, which led me to complete my PADI diving course recently—this opens up new opportunities to explore different parts of the world. I'm also really passionate about mental health and want to help break the stigma around it.

A mental health initiative I'm proud of

As an apprentice new to the organisation, I aim to take up as many opportunities as possible. Most recently, I participated in the apprentice challenge to explore a wellbeing dog service, which involved employees taking part in a dog walk. We worked with an external company, liaised with senior stakeholders, and ran the pilot.

Creating a positive environment for discussions about mental health is really important to help break the stigma."

During the dog walks, we encouraged positive discussions around wellbeing and how to support others, with Mental Health First Aiders there to help employees during the experience. The Wellbeing Dog Service Pilot received really positive feedback, and I developed a lot of confidence in a short space of time.

Facing my own mental health

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I realised a lot about mental health. Like everyone, my regular routine changed dramatically. I couldn't play team sports, which have always been great for my mental wellbeing. Instead, I found talking to friends and family really helped. It was important to have people around me who wanted to support me.

It's not weak to find it hard

If you struggle to open up to friends and family, as my favourite quote says, It's OK not to be OK. You're allowed to feel this way—your feelings are valid. So, reach out. You're also not alone. Remember to check up on the people around you. A quick call or message of, "How are you doing?" can really go a long way.

Dealing with mental health at work

AtkinsRéalis has many different employee resources. When I first joined, I was paired with a buddy who supported me during my initial six months, helping me quickly settle in. My line manager is also great at helping me develop my career. We also have the Employee Assistance Programme, which provides immediate and confidential support for any work, health, or life matter.

Find out more about how we promote wellness at work and if you want to join a company that is thoroughly supportive through challenges like mental health, apply for a job with AtkinsRéalis today.