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Learning, earning, and thriving

Faris tells all about his degree apprenticeship

"I'm Faris, degree apprentice at AtkinsRéalis, in the UK. I started my journey in engineering in 2016, doing a five year degree apprenticeship in Civil Engineering at uni. And now I'm in my fourth year."

What made you go into engineering?

As a child I was always curious about how things were made. I constantly dismantled and reassembled toys and gadgets around the house. I wanted to be an engineer, designing fast cars and roller coasters. In secondary school I developed a real interest in maths and product design. Having that mix between the theory and practical side is what cemented my interest in engineering and construction.

What is your week like as a degree apprentice?

I spend four days a week in the office, attending uni one day a week. University supplements my day job and contributes massively towards my personal development. At Atkins, apprentices don't just make tea and coffee for our seniors. We're given real responsibilities on projects. I’m proud that I get to make a real, sustainable impact on the world.

Why Atkins?

Atkins stood out to me for really supporting its staff's person development. I don’t feel like just a cog in the wheel here. My colleagues want me to succeed and are helping me to grow. The business also has a scheme where you're recognized and rewarded for your efforts.

What is it like to work at Atkins?

At Atkins we work hard, but also know how to enjoy ourselves. The team I work in goes out for a meal or game of pool at least once a month. And this year I've put my hand up to be help organize social events across all the UK offices. It’s a nice place to be and I genuinely enjoy being a part of Atkins.

What is the best thing about working at Atkins?

Within the first few weeks of working at Atkins I was really impressed by the staff culture and the way all people are valued for their perspectives and recognized for their contributions equally. I'd say I love learning about other cultures – it's such a diverse environment here. You come across people from all over the world.

Degree Apprentice Faris Ibrahim

“I'm really impressed by the staff culture, I love how all people are valued for their perspectives and recognized for their contributions equally.”

Watch what else Degree Apprentice Faris loves about working #InsideAtkins

Degree Apprentice Faris Ibrahim

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