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    • Apprenticeship opportunities to start in August / September 2020 will open in Autumn 2019. Roles will close on an ad-hoc basis due to the volume of applications we receive. We always recommend an early application to avoid disappointment.
    • We’ll only accept one application per recruitment campaign year, therefore, make sure you read the job descriptions available to make sure you’ve selected the right choice for you.
    • Apprenticeship opportunities are available UK wide.
    • By joining Atkins as an apprentice, the world truly can be your oyster. Not only will you gain valuable 'on the job' experience and work towards professional qualifications but you'll also earn a meaningful salary from day one.
    • This will depend on the apprenticeship you are studying towards. Typically it will be 2-3 years for Advanced level 3 and 4-5 years for a degree apprenticeship.
    • Roles will close on an ad-hoc basis due to the volume of applications we receive. We always recommend an early application to avoid disappointment.
    • We recommend that you dress in business attire.
    • Yes, we provide adjustments because we want you to be able to demonstrate your full potential during the recruitment process. It is advisable to inform us as soon as possible about the adjustments you may require in order to ensure that they are implemented on time. Please contact us at apprenticeships@atkinsglobal.com
    • We can provide various adjustments that will enable you to perform your best at all stages of the recruitment process. Examples of adjustments we have made in the past include, but are not limited to, providing assistive technology; extra time; changing the format of an assessment; scheduling an interview at a specific time; and ensuring there is access. For further information please contact us at apprenticeships@atkinsglobal.com
    • Yes, you should tell us as soon as possible if you require any adjustments or changes to the interview process. Failure to do so may result in adjustments not being made resulting in you not being able to demonstrate your full potential. Please contact apprenticeships@atkinsglobal.com
    • We’re looking for you to have a clear interest in Atkins and the role you are applying to. Make sure you demonstrate this through any related projects or modules you may have studied at school. You can also include any work experience that you feel is relevant.
    • The Atkins Professional Apprenticeships scheme currently comprises of Advanced Apprentice’s (level 3), Higher Apprentices (level 4-5), Degree Apprenticeships (level 6). For each level Atkins offer a competitive salary ranging from approximately £12,500 for a level 3 up to £18,500 for a level 6. If you are successful at application screening stage the recruiter will be able to discuss with you in more detail the salary details for the particular role that you are being considered for.
    • No, this will be done for you by our dedicated Learning and Development team. Typically, you will hear from the college in late July / August time in regard to enrolment.
    • Once an offer has been made you will receive your contract within a few days, following this you will receive regular tasks to complete and updates. We will also invite you to join our closed Facebook group so you can start networking early.
    • Yes, we only accept one application per recruitment cycle.
    • Once you have completed your initial apprenticeship you will have an internal discussion with your line manager to review next options. If you wish to continue your education there are options to be considered for progressions on to a higher-level apprenticeship such as a degree apprenticeship.
    • We do support higher level apprenticeships but this will need to be agreed internally.
    • The typical start date for apprentices is late August, early September.