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Insights Part 1: Find a graduate scheme: Non-engineering routes into AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis, we’re driven by our purpose to engineer a better future for our planet and its people.

Our graduates, placement students, and apprentices are the heartbeat of our future team. So we're committed to ensuring that a career at AtkinsRéalis is within reach for everyone. As such many of our graduate schemes are open to students studying non-engineering related disciplines. 

Did you know we welcome graduates from around 80 different degree backgrounds into our programs? That includes subject areas like mechatronics, communications, and human factors. It also covers the degrees that are more commonplace, such as physics, project management and geography - and these are subjects we’re going to explore.

Keep reading to discover how you can transform the skills you gained during your degree into a meaningful and professional journey with us.


You might have graduated from university with a strong understanding of the fundamental laws underpinning the universe, but there’s so much to uncover about the world. Our programs will place you in a multi-disciplinary team, encouraging you to venture beyond your core subject area. The best part? You still get to apply that technical know-how you honed during your physics degree.

Your quantitative reasoning and critical thinking will be essential, while your interdisciplinary thinking and presentation skills will come on in leaps and bounds. Following in the footsteps of all our graduates, you won't be tethered to your desk. Instead, you'll dive into structured training, engaging events, personal development opportunities, and invaluable mentoring.


You might not immediately see the applications of theories like Porter's Five Forces and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, but their foundational principles can quietly shape businesses at every level. Our graduate programs could see you apply many principles you studied to real-life projects, cementing your learning and helping us create a world where lives are enriched through the implementation of our ideas.

Of course, transitioning from lecture halls to the workplace can seem like a leap, but you’ll be surrounded by a community of field experts, so you’ll never have to look far for support or guidance. It's this daring leap that transforms every day into a truly unique experience.

Construction Management

At AtkinsRéalis, all our graduates have the power to shape a sustainable society.

Take those with a construction management degree. These bright minds, having explored sustainable construction practices and tackled environmental facets in project planning, offer our organization a wealth of capabilities beyond their academic realm. They bring with them not just technical prowess but also the art of communication, fostering effective collaboration with project stakeholders. Their ingrained ethical considerations become the cornerstone, ensuring our projects unfold seamlessly and safely.

In return for this rich tapestry of skills, they find themselves immersed in reputable infrastructure projects, collaborating with clients like TfL, Gatwick Airport, and Thames Water.

Project Management

Like construction management graduates, those from a project management background understand the intricacies of procurement processes and strategies, coupled with a sharp acumen for risk assessment strategies. But their brilliance truly illuminates at AtkinsRéalis when they seamlessly synchronize project objectives with the broader organizational strategy.

We have a very clear purpose as an organization, and it is our mission to lead the engineering industry in achieving Net Zero as rapidly as possible. Our Net Zero ambitions are not without challenge or risk, but it’s up to us to face them head-on. To find the opportunities, to build the future, and safeguard it for generations to come, with sustainable, innovative and resilient projects and processes, and with collective action. The collaborative work of our engineers, project managers and many other professionals, will help us get there.

As project manager Ellie puts it, it’s about so much more than a job in construction.


During your academic journey, you’ll have learned all about the world around you. Now, you get to weave that knowledge into the fabric of both technical and project management work.

Our vibrant graduate community makes all the difference as you transition from university to the workplace, supporting you as you begin to see how you’ll make your mark with a geography degree. While we are a community, we’re made up of individuals and it’s each and every person that makes us outstanding. It’s for this reason we strive for a diverse set of skills and thoughts, positioning us to take on the challenges of tomorrow, to create a sustainable future.

The research and data collection skills developed during your geography degree are invaluable tools that render you an asset within our team, transforming insights into action.

Computer Science

Our people, our data insights and our technology - that’s what makes us. Computer sciences graduates are at the very center of all three, steering the course of our transformation.

As you build on your fluency in C++ and Java and more, you’ll begin to see how these programming languages can sculpt user-friendly interfaces. You’ll become the architect of solutions, enabling teams across the business to make data-rich decisions.

Here, real-world experience awaits, providing not just a chance but the perfect platform to reach your full potential.


With a mind full of equations and theories, there are so many avenues open to mathematicians. The numerical analysis and abstract thinking that were a part of your everyday life can be channeled into making a positive difference and enriching communities.

Our programs liberate your learning from the confines of textbooks and encourage you to expand your network. As a non-engineering graduate, you’ll be supported to build new skills such as project management and client engagement. The experience you gain presenting and coordinating with clients will help you take complex theories and explain these in ways that everyone understands.

What makes our graduate schemes stand out?

We encourage all students to join us on our journey, giving equal opportunity to develop your career, and we also put you in control of your learning. We offer a myriad of benefits, including the option to buy up to 15 days of extra holiday, remote working possibilities and the support to volunteer two days each year.

Explore our non-engineering graduate opportunities and drive your success.

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