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Engineering a better future for our planet and its people

We believe that Sustainability is a way of working; completing any task or making any decision which reduces the impact that our activities have on the environment, society and economy, on a global and local scale.

We tie all this together under strong governance principles and have completed a materiality assessment to make sure we build on strong foundations and cover all the important topics.

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In addition, we selected three priority objectives from the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are the goals we believe we can help advance the most:

Affordable and clean energy

AtkinsRéalis combines decades of expertise, engineering capabilities and an understanding of the entire energy system to deliver solutions for nuclear, hydro, renewables, transmission, energy storage and transmission and distribution applications.

As organizations become increasingly digital, we build and utilize intelligent networks and cybersecurity systems to enhance power plants’ capacity to create cleaner energy.

Sustainable cities and communities

We design towns, cities, and communities to meet the needs of modern populations worldwide.

Our work includes planning and project managing infrastructure projects across transport, energy, water and environment, building design, industry, communications, health, justice, and education sectors.

We weave environmental, economic, and social sustainability into every project to develop a vibrant ecosystem of people, programs, and places.

Climate action

We consider it our mission to lead the engineering industry in achieving Net Zero as rapidly as possible. Our expertise, commitment and global experience mean we are uniquely placed to address the challenges ahead and identify opportunities in pursuit of a carbon-free economy. We channel our low-carbon engineering experience into pioneering solutions for faster decarbonization of businesses, sectors and regions at scale, for more sustainable economic growth.

Empowering you on your sustainability journey

We work on global projects that take on today’s most pressing challenges. From population growth to increasing transportation needs, and climate change – we merge ingenuity, knowledge and technology to uplift communities and drive a safer, better tomorrow. And we would like you to take on these challenges with us.

We want to empower you to come up with your own ideas on how to embed sustainability in your everyday work and Engineer a better future for the planet and its people.

Our manifesto for a sustainable future

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Our manifesto for a sustainable future