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Diversity of excellence

Welcome to AtkinsRéalis in Asia. Our people are leaders in their fields, who relate to each other with sense of belonging. It goes without saying that we spend a big part of our lives together – so at the office, we make each other feel at home. In between pushing the boundaries of innovation, we bring a personal touch and enjoyment to everything we do.

You’ll join an organization where everyone thrives on mutual respect. Our team leaders actively encourage us by building positive relationships with all employees. United by common goals and values, we want to build a better future, be world leaders at what we do – and have a great time while we do it.

team sitting around lunch table

Our values

Our values of safety, integrity, collaboration and innovation set us apart. They enable us to join with our clients to advance ideas and initiatives that continue to break ground. Our people actively raise safety awareness through activities such as site-visits and HSE Week.

Safety Awareness Compliance Training is a focal point for every employee, especially those who work on site. We also conduct Safety Stand Down Training annually. It gives us a chance to stop work and talk about safety in our roles and workplace. We also strive to remain at the heart of integrity through ongoing events such as Integrity Week.  

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team sitting around lunch table

Diversity of excellence

Our work environments include a diverse mix of local staff and expats from all over our region and the world. With different ages, religions, cultures, languages, genders and more comes a wider repertoire of ideas and perspectives. We’re proud to say it gives us the competitive edge and keeps us ahead of innovation.

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Culture of learning

Our employees’ technical capabilities are vital to us, and directly linked to our success. So, we’ve created an environment of non-stop learning. Our teams fill our Lunch & Learn sessions, where everyone meets to share knowledge and enthusiastically discuss technical issues. Another popular learning platform involves looking at unique Project Case Studies from experienced on-site colleagues to broaden personal and professional know-how.

Senior Management also conducts “Virtual Careers Webinars,” focusing on different countries, collaborating on work within Asia Pacific. This also provides a valuable platform for employees who’ve experienced global mobility to share their experiences, and for interested colleagues to ask any questions.

Work life balance

AtkinsRéalis ’s employees believe in helping each other to achieve meaningful work/life balance. From being supportive and understanding of each other’s commitments, to taking part in workshops such as our Emotional Intelligence on International Women’s day, to desk-side massage for anyone who needs it.

Interest groups

You’ll be working with people who enjoy building each other up and spending time together. Our interest groups are an important part of our fun, sociable environment. From badminton, to karaoke, to Chinese New Year feasts – no matter who you are, you’re welcome to join in. Our industry’s annual Dragon Boat Race is one of the biggest events on our calendar. Get ready for plenty of thrills and spills!

team sitting around lunch table

Giving back

At AtkinsRéalis, championing causes is our common passion. We support the charity, H.O.M.E Asia, recently donating all proceeds raised at our annual Christmas Party. But our interest goes beyond raising money – we regularly volunteer our expertise as well.

team sitting around lunch table

Global mobility programme

We are proud to work for a global company. AtkinsRéalis ’s reach across geographies and sectors gives our people opportunities for mobility within the company, across the region. Also making it possible to work on high profile projects across the world. Exciting global opportunities are advertised internally, and through our virtual career’s webinars.

Open & Supportive

Our employees are open, supportive and passionate about inspiring the next generation. So we engage with local communities to encourage girls and boys to take up STEM subjects. Our offices also run meaningful internship and graduate programmes. No matter your career stage, our Asia offices are filled with equal opportunities and guidance to help you build a successful, rewarding career.