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Women at AtkinsRéalis

AtkinsRéalis is engineering change for women

We value the diverse perspectives that our people bring and recognize everyone equally for their contributions. That's why it's our vision to see more women taking up senior roles at AtkinsRéalis. We're investing in our female employees at all career stages. And as a result, we're attracting, retaining, and promoting more women.

Inclusion through flexible working

Different people have different priorities, so we're here to support you with whatever you need. We've ended the stigma that flexible working is "just for mums," making hybrid arrangements part of our team culture. Some of our initiatives that will help you get the most out of life, both at work and outside it:

  • Flexible Working policy: request to work part-time, term-time, as a job share, and more.
  • Hybrid working: work from home, the office or client site, in line with our workplace principles.
  • Sabbaticals or career breaks.
  • Phased retirement
  • Opportunity to purchase additional holiday (maximum of 40 days a year).
In the UK we typically see 40% of the workforce buy additional holiday each year.

Women's development programme - Inspire

Your skills, expertise, and knowledge mean a lot to us. So, we invest in our women and measure their success. Our three-month UK program is just one way we can help you succeed and grow. To date, AtkinsRéalis has supported 1,449 women in attending the Skills 4 program (2011-2022):

  • 98% had higher levels of confidence/self-belief.
  • 96% had improved their communication skills.
  • 92% were more optimistic about progression within their organization.
  • 52% took extra responsibility within their current role.
  • Over two-thirds of the participants have been promoted within one year of completing the program.
  • 99% believe it will contribute to business improvements within the organization.
  • 100% stated that the programme had met or exceeded their expectations.
  • 20% progress to take on new roles by the end of the programme.

The Women's Development Program fosters additional benefits, including the natural creation of women's networks within AtkinsRéalis. These communities enable participants to access ongoing support and increase the number of female role models, which-research suggests-aids the number of women entering and remaining in the sector.

Governors for schools: Empowering education and personal development

As well as internal development programs, AtkinsRéalis actively supports the Governors for Schools initiative. This UK charity places trained volunteers in schools to improve education. Naturally, our contribution brings a wealth of STEM Governors. By focusing on girls' SEND schools and deprived areas, we can make good on our commitment to nurturing a diverse and skilled future workforce.

AtkinsRéalis encourages all employees to become governors—including our young professionals and those seeking chartership or exploring a portfolio career. Wherever we've placed our talented Governors, schools have welcomed our 4-year STEM Program. Delivered in person by our dedicated STEM Ambassadors, it engages students of all ages. And girls and boys can't get enough of STEM fields as we show them how they can also find sustainable solutions for real-world issues.

Our Governors for Schools target is to place 150 STEM Governors by 2025.

Employee resource groups (ERGs)

Our employee-led Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) ERGs offer a safe, supportive environment to discuss issues, ignite policy change, and focus on personal growth.

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How Women Engineers Can Get Us All Home Safely


Our gender balance resource group advances equality for female employees, stimulates diversity, and promotes inclusion. You'll benefit from a powerful collective voice, advocating for women's representation at all levels, particularly in leadership roles, while providing targeted opportunities to unlock your full potential and advance your career. EMPOWER's efforts focus on two key areas:

  • Awareness and Development Initiatives: These inclusive local and national events raise awareness about gender balance. Accessible online and across different offices, they feature inspiring talks, interactive discussions, and valuable training sessions. The aim? To spark conversations, offer personal and professional growth opportunities, and facilitate networking—all focused on advancing gender equality.
  • Shaping ED&I Policies and Practices: EMPOWER plays a vital role in contributing to the organization's and the wider industry's equality, diversity, and inclusion vision. This involves influencing HR policies, engaging with internal ED&I groups, and participating in leadership activities related to ED&I. The network strongly advocates for women, voicing concerns, sharing best practices, and actively developing and implementing inclusive strategies across AtkinsRéalis.

EMPOWER enjoys significant engagement, with over 1,000 attendees at key events like the International Women's Day webinar and numerous local gatherings. This vibrant participation earned Equal Engineers' "Employee Network of the Year" award in 2021, acknowledging its role in advancing female representation and driving change.

"With the support and sponsorship of the senior leadership, EMPOWER has grown considerably. It is now a globally active community with lively dialogue across the organization." —Dr Vera Jones, Associate Director in Environment Practice and co-lead of EMPOWER

Women inspiring leadership (WIL) ERG

WIL's mission is to Empower female employees to chart inspiring career paths and realize professional aspirations. As an inclusive employee resource group, WIL aims to enhance gender balance by boosting your growth and career advancement. The group also connects members across the organization, encouraging the exchange of best practices and collaboration throughout your career. WIL's objectives include:

  • Panel discussions to inspire, increase awareness, and encourage allyship.
  • Promoting women to leadership.
  • Facilitating mentoring connections and networking opportunities to enhance career progression.
  • Increasing retention of female employees by enabling support and connections.
  • Partnering with HR and management on workplace issues affecting women.

Menopause ERG

Our Menopause community supports employees through what can be a physically and emotionally challenging life phase. Which often coincides with key career milestones or professional peaks. The Menopause Network provides opportunities to share experiences while signposting members to valuable help and resources. The group also drives change by raising awareness across the organization to improve retention and support workplace equality.

"I have found AtkinsRéalis to be a wonderfully inclusive place to work, with people who are friendly and genuinely interested in supporting each other. The Menopause Network is a supportive place to share and continue this open, honest conversation to keep each other going." —Emma, a Senior Consultant with ADS&T, read more.


This ERG is for anyone interested in parenting, including parents, expectant parents, line managers, grandparents, extended family members, and friends. This group raises awareness of working parents' and carers' challenges, promoting support that reflects the diversity of modern families. Our ParentNet Buddy Scheme matches those on or returning from family leave with a trained buddy, aiding their transition back to work.

"AtkinsRéalis has been great at adapting a role for me around my big and unexpected life change. It's what's allowed me to stay working. Here, it's okay to speak up about your family's needs and work with your line manager if changes are needed." —Claire Dickenson, Chartered Environmentalist, Engineering Net Zero, read more.

Rewards and benefits 

Tailor your AtkinsRéalis Total Rewards package to your ever-changing needs. Enjoy a competitive salary with diverse benefits: fitness funding, leadership training, professional accreditations, and personalized career planning. You'll benefit from industry-leading family support designed to provide meaningful assistance during significant life events:

  • Maternity and Adoption Pay: 26 weeks of full pay.*
  • Partner Leave: 4 weeks full pay. Option to take 2 weeks at any point in the first year of your birth or adoptive placement.*
  • Shared Parental Leave: option to transfer up to 4 weeks of the above pay.
  • Pregnancy Loss Support Toolkit: raising awareness and providing guidance and support for those affected by pregnancy and baby loss.
  • Fertility Treatment in the Workplace Guidance: supporting team members undergoing fertility treatment, including advice on managing time off.

*Subject to having at least 6 months of service at your qualifying week.

Signing up for what matters

Women in Defence Charter

Our commitment is to be the very best at driving inclusion and diversity within our organization, enabling our female employees to be the very best they can be.


As a member of WISE, since it launched the 10 Steps Program over 10 years ago, we have been part of the campaign for gender balance, from the classroom to the boardroom, in science, technology, and engineering, ensuring we are always making progress.


This innovative program and HR resource helps us continue to achieve constructive, measurable change for all our employees. Meet some of our inspiring women and read their stories on our blog.

Women in Rail Mentoring Program

The Women in Rail cross-industry mentoring program is a pioneering program designed to help participants progress in their careers and to improve gender balance, diversity, and inclusion in the UK railway industry. The program has received endorsements from DfT, RDG, BEIS, and key rail companies. AtkinsRéalis is a participating company, and in 2023, put forward 10 people.