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As the world around us is changing, we need to power it responsibly. At AtkinsRéalis we're looking for bright thinkers, excited by sustainability and technology.

You’ll be working with some of the world’s most genius teams on hydro, renewables, energy storage, transmission and distribution projects – across an asset’s entire lifecycle. As digital technologies become increasingly integrated into our work, we’re routinely building and using intelligent networks and cyber security systems to make plants more secure and run more efficiently.

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We recognize the importance of continuous, uncompromising improvement and always invest in our teams to keep them learning and breaking new ground. We push for new, creative ideas and with lean start-up methodology, test them quickly to ensure we remain market leader in digital engineering services.

Join us and work at the forefront of the new storage technology that is revolutionizing the energy sector. You’ll join teams of experts with more than 40 years’ experience leading network planning tech – from battery to liquid air, molten salt and pumped storage. Our work includes:

  • Energy storage technology
  • Integration into the grid
  • Optimizing the energy mix to maximize project benefits and results

Excited about collaboration? Our clean power projects are all about delivering world-class hydro projects that can bring together and integrate dam safety, rehabilitation and energy storage technology. We also work to mitigate the impact on local wildlife and preserve local communities. Working from our network of offices and centres of excellence in North America, Latin America and Asia, we’re involved in:

  • Project design and development
  • Flood and water management and assessments
  • Dam safety and rehabilitation
  • Operations and maintenance

Our world is adapting and transitioning to renewable energy. Working alongside the brightest minds in the sector, you’ll be creating innovations in solar, onshore and offshore wind projects. On each project your team will have to go beyond engineering. By also considering government incentives, taxation, environmental impact and assessments, you’ll be delivering the most economically and environmentally sustainable projects as possible.

Here’s a sector where you can make a meaningful difference to the natural world. Your team will help clients evolve ageing infrastructure, plan for grid integration and build assets that meet their needs today and into the future. At the same time, you’ll be limiting the impact of development, actively protecting local species and preserving forests.

Collaborate with colleagues who've won international awards for delivering innovative designs and methodology. Their work takes them to sites over great distances and in the most challenging terrains, including dense forest, permafrost, mountains, swampland and rivers.

Want to change the way we power the planet? Join us here.