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Industrial & manufacturing

Join a business that keeps vital industries succeeding in ever-changing regulatory landscapes. You’ll work in multi-disciplinary teams that constantly push innovation in efficiency and sustainability. And you’ll gain experience on projects enhanced by digital advancements including Virtual Reality, i4.0, IoT.

AtkinsRéalis can offer you opportunities with clients from pharmaceutical, to biotech, food & beverage, district cooling, water, power, oil & gas, manufacturing and chemicals. You’ll experience end-to-end collaboration, from full engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM), to commissioning and training.

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As well as engineering precision industrial facilities, we stay on to maintain them to success. These challenging programs demand the agility to adapt to the client’s and plant’s every need. Our smart, cost effective solutions provide fully integrated services to optimize productivity. You’ll work with teams who create automated project management systems, develop local workforces, deliver 3D simulation training – solving all kinds of problems so our clients can keep meeting their targets.

Work with global brands that require maximum efficiency and quality, 100% of the time. Whether it’s packing essential grains, developing manufacturing processes for fine cheeses, or storing the world’s finest wines – our clients demand ultimate safety and reliability. You’ll have enviable engineering solutions at your fingertips – from process modelling, to delivering fully integrated engineering services for greenfield and brownfield production facilities.

Join a business that enables our clients to bring life-changing healthcare solutions to millions of people. From regulatory compliance, to improving plant efficiency, and identifying quicker, more cost-effective ways to build research facilities – you’ll be collaborating on some of the most innovative engineering and project management teams in the world.

To remain viable our chemical industry clients must continuously improve, solve cost pressures and comply with regulations. You’ll be working with teams who combine technical and project management disciplines to meet these challenges – from improving factory efficiencies to finding more economical ways to rapidly construct new facilities.

As the world changes we need to find more environmentally friendly ways to cool districts and communities. District cooling is a process that uses chilled water generated from a central plant to regulate temperatures in different types of end-user facilities while resulting into 40% fewer CO2 emissions than traditional air conditioning. District Cooling schemes include central plants, chilled water and fiber optic distribution networks, energy transfer stations and thermal energy storage tanks. You’ll be working with teams experienced in engineering, procurement, construction, automation, control and commissioning of cutting-edge cooling schemes.

Enjoy exposure to the most exciting projects in an area where no project is too niche, complex or large for our teams. You’ll be working on full EPCM, validation, commissioning and training services across our clients’ entire operations. These include:

  • Process automation, systems integration and optimization
  • Commissioning, decommissioning and validation
  • Process, industrial and building engineering
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Quality assurance and regulatory compliance
  • Advanced engineering tools, 3D modelling, virtual and augmented reality
  • Operations and training simulation
  • li4.0and IIoT

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