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What is NEOM?

NEOM is a global transformational programme for AtkinsRéalis. To summarise the magnitude of this development in one sentence, NEOM is fourteen times the size of Singapore or precisely the size of Belgium. 

It is understood that NEOM in the coming years will be established as an independent region – ‘A country within a country', governed by its own laws and regulations. As one of the world’s most reputed and respected design and engineering solutions providers, AtkinsRéalis aims to work side by side with NEOM to build this country and future city of the world one day at a time.

NEOM at a glance

26,500KM² New city in Saudi Arabia 

100% Renewable energy 2025 

Stage 1 completion

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Exploring new opportunities in NEOM

To put into perspective the magnitude of this development, NEOM is fourteen times the size of Singapore or roughly the same size as Belgium. It is understood that in the coming years NEOM will be established as an independent region; ‘A country within a country’ governed by its own laws and regulations, with new cities including Oxagon and The Line setting the pace for transformation.

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team sitting around lunch table

170KM Long 'Linear' city

As part of wider plans for NEOM, the Government of KSA is planning to invest between $100-200 billion in a futuristic city with no cars, streets, or carbon emissions. ‘The Line’, which will be 106 miles (170 km) long, is a smart city that is planned to be developed in the northwest of the country.

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Unrivalled opportunities

Come join us! This is your chance to do something great, starting now, an opportunity to work on some of the most challenging projects out there at scale, an opportunity to capitalise on everything you have learned over the last several years and put all of that learning into effect. 

Now is the time to try something new, contribute to the betterment of tomorrow and in doing so achieve your own personal and professional excellence. NEOM envisions to be a Net Zero city by 2030, which complements our decarbonisation plans for the region. This is not just about traditional engineering but about combining creative genius with innovation and technology to provide digital solutions for a better planet. Come join us and work with like-minded people with a growth mindset. 

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