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Early Careers - India

Early careers employees

Making a difference since 1911

AtkinsRéalis is a world leader in engineering, design and project management. We create sustainable solutions that connect people, data and technology to design, deliver and operate the most complex projects across the world. We are committed to having a diverse, flexible, and inclusive team that drives and shapes our business and we are proud to create opportunities for enthusiastic individuals looking to build their careers in India and globally.

Our history
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Your progress is our purpose

We’re not all the same, and that’s our greatest strength. Different views and opinions enhance our ability to provide value-added performance and better services for our clients. That’s why we believe different, makes a difference. With over 50,000 professionals operating across 50 countries, the career opportunities at Atkins are endless. As an Equal Opportunities Employer, we value applications from all backgrounds, cultures and abilities.

Your progress is our purpose

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You'll be working to change the world

Our roles have been designed to give you an insight into the variety of opportunities on offer across our business and the chance to explore where your own specific skills and interests lie. Through a combination of on-the-job learning and practical skills development within your chosen role, you’ll work on real projects from day one that offer scale and variety collaborating with others and creating meaningful impact on the world around us.

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Our process

To find out if we're right for each other, we've designed a process that's easy to follow and will help you show us your best. You'll need to plan your time so you can give it your all and you can only submit one application per recruitment cycle so we'd like you to take your time learning about us- let's make sure the role you apply for is the right one for you.


Please ensure you read the associated job descriptions for each role you're interested in as there may be exciting opportunities across a range of markets and locations that you may not have considered previously.

So you've chosen the role, and you're ready to apply. We'll ask you to kick things off by completing an application designed to gather some basic details about you, your educational background and the core modules of your degree. You can click on the arrow in the above boxes against the role you are interested in to kick-start your application process. As we don't consider multiple applications, please ensure you select the right role and enter in detail all the information in this section.

Our online assessment is a unique blend of aptitude and subject-related questions. This is a key part of the selection process so it's really important that you focus on your answers and take them seriously, as the outcome will determine whether you progress to the next stage of the process. You'll only have one opportunity to do it - so take your computer somewhere quiet, go through the introduction guidelines and listen to the advice that gives you a feel of what to expect.

For all students clearing our assessment successfully, we will invite you all for an In-Person Interview. This interview will be the opportunity for you to showcase your relevant skills and suitability for the role, as well as share your future aspirations. Make sure you come prepared with some great questions to ask the team about how they work and what to expect day to day. 

If you’ve had an interview, we'll let you know as soon as possible if you've been successful in securing a position.

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Weaving ED&I

We’re not all the same, and that’s our greatest strength. Different views and opinions enhance our ability to provide value-added services for our clients. That’s why we believe different, makes a difference. With us, you'll be surrounded by a multicultural workforce driven by pride in their work and a genuine interest in supporting you to succeed in your career. Together, we can deliver projects which have a positive, sustainable impact on the world.

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Engineering Net Zero

Engineering Net Zero is not just about working to minimise our impact on the planet and the climate. it’s about leaving our world in a better state than we found it. Not to maintain the status quo - to Improve it! AtkinsRéalis is at the forefront of this mission, leading engineering and industry in achieving Net Zero Carbon as rapidly as possible, by helping our clients manage climate risk and build climate resilience.

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Our employee benefits

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25 days annual leave

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Flexible working

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Employee assistance program

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Group insurance

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Learning zone

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Employee referral program

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Health insurance

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Community & Networks

Hints and tips

1) Do your research. Find out everything about the openings you're applying to. Make sure you meet the minimum criteria detailed in our job descriptions and that you only apply to one role. 

2) Focus on your application. Tailor the information you provide to the role you have chosen. Make sure your passion comes across and reference any related projects or modules you've previously been involved in within this subject. 

3) Take your time. Make sure you don’t rush any step in our recruitment process. Think calmly and be focused. #Differentmakesadifference 

4) Check and check again. Revisit your application before you submit it to make sure there are no errors and that you’ve added everything that’s required! It's also a good idea to undertake some practice tests for the ones included in our selection process, just so you feel more prepared once the time comes. 

Good luck!