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Insights Exploring new opportunities in NEOM

Countries in the Middle East are experiencing rapid and transformative economic and social reform, with goals to become more sustainable and equal. As part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has proposed a major new development, NEOM, to help achieve three pillars of the strategy; a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious nation.

At AtkinsRéalis , and our brands Atkins and Faithful+Gould, we are experienced in delivering large scale, complex projects. For us, NEOM is about designing a viable future, enabling smart and sustainable cities for not just our clients, but for societies to have a better quality of life. If you’re looking for a new, exciting opportunity to work on, NEOM is just that.

this is an image of some mountains in Saudi Arabia

What is NEOM and why is it important?

NEOM is based in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. It is located at the crossroads of the world, with 40% of the world's population around 4 hours reach from the region. Its ideal location next to the Red Sea allows it to benefit from rare temperatures, being on average 10 degrees Celsius cooler than the surrounding areas.

NEOM is described as ‘a new vision of what the future could be, an attempt to do something that’s never been done before and it’s coming at a time when the world needs fresh thinking and new solutions.’ Essentially, the idea is for NEOM to not only be a destination but a home for people who dream big and want to be part of building a new model for sustainable living. This is a big step for Saudi Arabia and shows a commitment to diversifying the predominantly crude oil-focused economy.

What will NEOM include?

To put into perspective the magnitude of this development, NEOM is fourteen times the size of Singapore or roughly the same size as Belgium. It is understood that in the coming years NEOM will be established as an independent region; ‘A country within a country’ governed by its own laws and regulations, with new cities including Oxagon and The Line setting the pace for transformation.

The Line

Part of the plans for NEOM include a 170km long ‘linear’ city which will stretch from the Red Sea all the way to the mountains in the northwest of the country. HRH the Crown Prince is planning to invest up to $200 billion in this futuristic city, which will have no cars, streets and crucially, no carbon emissions. Autonomous mobility solutions will be used in place of traditional transport, and sustainable initiatives will preserve the regions natural environment to ensure it is a safe place for people to live.


Oxagon will be a global gateway for world trade, Saudi Arabia’s demonstration of redefining industrial development in the future. It will be a new city within NEOM, powered by 100% clean energy and built around innovative new industries. This state-of-the-art facility, a unique floating structure, will have an integrated port and logistics facility, delivering value across the region. Oxagon will also have a high-speed rail connection to NEOM airport and The Line.

Atkins are ready for the challenge

NEOM will be developed with five fundamental and interconnected principles in mind: sustainability, community, nature, technology, and liveability. This is significant as it shows Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming more modern, inclusive, and progressive, which will open the country up to even more opportunities. These principles are similar to our own at Atkins, and as one of the world’s most reputable and respected design and engineering solutions providers, we aim to work side by side with NEOM to build this smart, sustainable development.

NEOM will offer a multitude of opportunities for innovative and forward-thinking construction professionals to showcase their skills and develop their careers. In order to deliver on NEOM, we plan to draw upon our extensive design and engineering capabilities, which include architecture, urban design, landscape design, civil engineering, structural engineering and transport planning.

Accelerate your career working on NEOM

We’re calling on innovative architects, designers, and engineers. This is your chance to do something unique and fulfilling, an opportunity to work on some of the most challenging projects at scale, to capitalise on everything you have learned over the last several years and put it all into practice. Now is the time to try something new, contribute to the advancement of tomorrow and in doing so achieve your own personal and professional development.

NEOM envisions to be a Net Carbon Zero region by 2030. This is therefore not just about traditional engineering, but about combining creative genius with innovation and technology to provide digital solutions for a better planet. Come join us and work with like-minded people with a growth mindset. Browse our available roles today or keep up to date on our NEOM hub.