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Insights Why we need to make clean energy jobs more accessible to Native americans

Clean energy is anything generated from natural resources that are constantly and continuously available and not a pollutant to the environment.

This might be from the sun, tides or wind – anything organic that does not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As we move towards the Net Zero Carbon targets set out by global leaders, the world is becoming increasingly reliant upon clean energy. As such, the clean energy industry will be looking to recruit more people into the sector to deliver sustainable initiatives.

In a report delivered by E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs), a coalition of similar industry groups, it was found that there is a lack of diversity in clean energy in the United States. At AtkinsRéalis , and within our brands Atkins and Faithful+Gould, we’re on a journey to becoming a truly inclusive and diverse employer, not for commercial purposes, but because it’s the right thing to do. Our goal to make jobs accessible for everyone includes our Commitment to Indigenous Peoples because we believe that we need a mix of cultures and ideas to drive successful teams.

a large wind farm and mountains in the background

Working in the clean energy sector

Government investment in the US clean energy sector has widened the scope for jobs in renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and much more. It’s clear there are tough targets to meet to prevent climate change from doing any further damage, and the industry will need innovative professionals to consider taking their sustainability career to North America to drive change.

Over 3 million people in 2021 were employed in the clean energy sector, and it remains the number one job creator within the United States’ energy market. Roles that fall under clean energy in construction might include Wastewater Engineering, Air Quality Engineering or Environmental Planning. In these roles, professionals must look to find ways they can improve their disciplines so that there is not a detrimental impact on the planet.

How can we be more inclusive and make clean energy jobs more accessible to Native Americans?

Clean energy is developing rapidly and is one of the fastest-growing job divisions in the US. Innovation in the construction sector is encouraging greater use of clean energy and as it continues to grow in the US, the industry will need to address equality concerns or risk leaving entire communities behind.

Ultimately, we need to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive clean energy workforce, but despite the wide range of sectors that clean energy impacts, the findings in E2’s report conclude that Black, Asian, Indigenous and multicultural workers account for only 27% of the US clean energy workforce. Much of the responsibility falls with both Federal and State governments to improve societal conditions, provide investment to disadvantaged communities and address inequalities. However, organisations across the industry, like ours, can work together to remove barriers to entry and provide opportunities for Native Americans or anyone who is willing to work hard and make positive changes, no matter their background.

Diversity and inclusion at AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis , we look to employ individuals with diverse characteristics, backgrounds and perspectives. We firmly believe that world-class talent makes no distinctions based on gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual identity and orientation, age, religion or disability, but enriches itself through these differences.

Our diverse teams in North America solve some of the most complex problems that the United States faces today, applying innovative thinking, ground-breaking technologies and delivering exceptional projects to create the best outcome for not just clients but for our wider society. We are proud to employ teams of astute engineers, project managers, architects and more, who take action to act on climate change and work collaboratively to improve the lives of many.

Help make the world a cleaner, more inclusive place at AtkinsRéalis

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, shown in the fact our core business strategy is structured around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We’re on a mission to make the world a cleaner place and our success is made possible by the diversity of ideas that our employees bring to work every day.

Are you looking for a role with purpose, where you can build a career for a sustainable future? Browse our available jobs in the USA, or more specifically our sustainability jobs today and make a real difference to the future of the planet.