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Insights Why Ravi chose to stay with Atkins after receiving another job offer

At AtkinsRéalis , and within our brands Atkins and Faithful+Gould, we are known for our expert consultancy services. Behind the engineers, architects, quantity surveyors (and more) who join us, are the highly skilled professionals in the recruitment department who hire them. It is through Atkins that Ravi took his first step toward fulfilling his passion and desire in the world of recruitment. 

In many of our blogs, we talk about why candidates choose to start a job with us, but this career story is a little different. Ravi Muppala had been with us for almost three years working as the Recruitment Lead for our Faithful+Gould division in India when he decided to look for another opportunity, but in fact, it led him towards a more exciting future with us. Here’s his story:

Ravi Muppala who works as Recruitment Lead for the Faithful+Gould division in India

Striving for potential and enjoying the journey

At Atkins, and throughout our entire Group, we want people to enjoy their roles and to progress on their own career paths. Ravi says that his journey with us has been great, filled with hustle and bustle, and accompanied by fun and talented people. However, he says that for him, there is one sentiment that stands out from the rest: belief. ‘My time at Atkins so far has helped me believe in myself to strive for my actual potential by experiencing joy at every step of the way.’

This is great to hear, and exactly the feeling that we hope our employees gain from the culture that we promote

Having the freedom to grow and explore interests

Ravi told us that he’s grateful to Atkins for providing him with the platform where he could have the freedom to explore and grow his interests. He says, ‘It is true what they say about Atkins, there is support everywhere’. 

We are proud to have created a collaborative, inclusive culture and continuous learning environment at Atkins in India in which our people thrive. Initially, when Ravi joined, he was inquisitive about his role. However, he says that his team supported him with any uncertainties, no matter how big or small – they were always there to help him.  

Ravi says that he’s always had a thirst for adventures and new experiences. This led him to ideate a new project involving the creation of an analytical dashboard, which was thoroughly appreciated by the stakeholders. ‘During the process, I learned more about data and how we could use it to deliver better work. This is the best thing about Atkins – you are always encouraged to explore and work on new ideas.’

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‘You don’t have to see the entire staircase, just take the first step.’

Martin Luther King, Jr

‘I just couldn’t leave Atkins’

‘A recent example of how Atkins has supported me is from only a couple of months ago. I received an offer from another firm and after considering it, I thought about escalating my career with them. However, right after handing in my resignation, I spoke with Purushotham K, our Director of Talent Acquisition - Asia Pacific, about the offer and how I felt about it. He understood that I wanted to soar with my new skills and pursue something in my interests.’

Ravi says that having always worked within volume-driven companies, one of Atkins’ best assets is the respect we have for our people and that we give our teams the work-life balance they deserve. ‘I just couldn’t leave Atkins and the stakeholders I’d be working with. When they heard I was leaving, they applauded me for my work and I saw how much I meant to the company.’ 

‘We are all equal in terms of working together’

Having built a great relationship with his colleagues, Ravi says that they saw him as a trendsetter because he never sticks to a certain method to work things out. ‘I’d always like to try alternatives to find the best one. I was never silenced when I had the urge to explore. I’d always be the one to raise my hand to take up something new and challenging and I’ve always been supported in this aspect, whatever the outcome. I don’t feel that there is a traditional hierarchy - I’ve not seen anyone treated differently due to their position; we are all equal in terms of working together.’

Across the AtkinsRéalis Group, we know that our success is a product of our talented, passionate, and committed teams who feel a sense of belonging with us. Feeling included, welcome, and free to share ideas, regardless of background and seniority, is how we promote a culture that drives innovation and improvement which ultimately creates value for our clients and society.

‘I’ve grown tremendously doing what I love the most’

Within Atkins, some of his colleagues consider Ravi as both a jack and a master of all trades, such as MS Excel. He says that after hearing the value he adds to the firm and to other people's lives, it gave him immense joy that his presence and work were felt by the people around him.

‘They thought they’d be losing one of their employees to another firm, but in fact, I actually wanted to continue my journey with Atkins. Two weeks after handing in my notice, Purushotham K came up to me and offered me a newly curated role with more responsibilities and tasks aligned with my interests and passion in the recruitment world. I cherish my new role! I’ve grown tremendously doing what I love the most; this was the power of faith that my team had in me. I only feel a sense of pride when I look back at the years I’ve spent here, they were completely worth it, and I look forward to a lot more in the next few years.’

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‘The faith my colleagues had in me was like WIFI, it’s invisible, but it had the power to connect us all with what we need.’

Ravi Muppala

Have you been inspired by Ravi’s story?

Ravi’s quench for challenges, alongside our career progression opportunities, has led him to make a greater change in our business. Have you got a passion that you want to pursue, and a collaborative mindset? We may have an opportunity for you. 

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