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Insights Ravi achieves Gold at the South Asian Para Athletic Championship 2022

A story of passion, grit and determination

Quote from Ravi:I was elated!! I can’t put the feeling into words. It was my dream to represent my country and here I was, winning a Gold

I was elated! I can’t put the feeling into words. It was my dream to represent my country and here I was, winning a Gold.

Ravi, Lead Design Engineer & Gold Medallist

We at AtkinsRéalis strongly believe that different makes a difference. Different views, experiences and opinions enhance our ability to create innovative solutions for our clients and our communities. 

One example of someone who has had a unique experience in life and achieved great success is Ravishankar Narayanaswamy (Ravi). Ravi is a Lead design engineer working with the Building Information Modelling (BIM) team in the Transportation business of our Global Technology Centre (GTC) in India. He has been a part of our organisation since 2018.

You'll have heard sports personalities say that they started dreaming of sporting achievements during their childhood. But for Ravi, sporting success happened by chance.

“I happened to visit The Kantheerava Stadium, a popular and prestigious stadium and training centre in Bangalore, when my friend from work told me about a Para Athlete. This Para-athlete asked me if I wanted to participate in the Para Games. I said sure, why not? And then appeared for my first experience of the Para games in Madurai, Tamil Nadu for shot put”

Since then, Ravi has been practicing with relentless enthusiasm and effort to better himself for the games. Ravi represents India at Para-Games under the F57 category, which is for athletes who meet one or more of the Minimum Disability Criteria (MDC) for impaired muscle power, limb deficiency, impaired passive range of movement and leg length difference.

The following is a short interview with Ravi by Giridhar N V, who is a member of the ABLE network, a network in India focused around transforming perspectives on disabilities. Ravi has also recently joined ABLE Network (Atkins India – Network to support and raise awareness on disability) and we know he will be a valuable member providing inspiration and motivation to the network. 

Ravi throwing shotput surrounded by onlookers at the games

You have participated at various levels in multiple games. Can you explain more about the sports you compete in and the games you participate in?

“I play Javelin, shot put, discus throw and carrom. Recently I have won a Gold for Javelin throw at the South Asian Para Athletic Championship 2022 and Silver at the Khelo India games held in Odisha plus gold in carrom at those same games. 

Can you tell us about the lead-up to Gold at the South Asian Para Athletic Championship 2022?

"I was not sure about my participation this year. My family were concerned about safety features regarding Covid-19. But my coach personally spoke to my family and made sure that I could participate. 

We reached the venue three days prior to the event where we had two days to practice and train for two events at the games.

Just before the javelin event, I had injured my elbow and I thought I could not participate. I could not give my best in the first 2 rounds. But my coach encouraged me with exercises and warm-ups.

Before my final throw, I made up my mind that I would give my best no matter what and I launched my Javelin.

After my performance, I sat under a tree and prayed to God. When I was sat, I heard the announcement ‘Ravishankar has bagged Gold for the Javelin throw’.

I was elated! I can’t put the feeling into words. It was my dream to represent my country and here I was, winning a Gold.”

You have a day job and you also practice for Para Games. How do you manage and plan your training?

“I work regularly from Monday to Friday. I make an early start at my training academy which is the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Bangalore. I stay there to train over the weekend. We have intense training with my coaches, where I train for 3 games with 3 coaches. It is physically draining and sometimes carries over to early Monday as well."

Ravi emphasises the role of supportive organisations in a sports person’s journey to success. He recalls the time when the encouragement and support system was not very accommodating. He also says he is privileged to have a good job unlike many others who aspire to make it into sports. Ravi is positive about the future in terms of the ecosystem for sports people like him. He is also grateful for the support he receives in the workplace. 

“I am happy to have a good team at work who encourage me all the time and the support from my manager has a big part to play in my success. My manager has been very supportive from the very beginning.”

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Ravi with Indian flag on his shoulders and holding his medal