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Insights What jobs can you do as an electrical engineer?

There is no denying that electricity is the backbone of modern society. Everything from the internet and new technologies to transportation and modern medical care wouldn’t be possible without it. Yet electricity is just a tool. It is the engineers that apply their knowledge of electrical systems to new challenges that have and continue to propel us into a new age.

A career in electrical engineering can be challenging, fast-paced and exciting. Those who choose this career can make a positive impact in the world, whilst seeing a lucrative return on their time and skills.

To help you decide if this field of engineering is right for you, we've compiled a list of some of the best jobs you can do as an electrical engineer. So, whether this is a career you are interested in pursuing or you're already an electric engineer looking for your next step - we should be able to help you make your next move.

Design engineers

An electrical design engineer job will see you taking on a flexible and challenging role. Design engineers specialise in designing electrical systems, whether that be for machinery, equipment or the parts of infrastructure which require electrical input.

One of the best things about being an electrical design engineer is that you typically get to work with and coordinate other disciplines and seek ways to improve inter-discipline working. This offers you an opportunity to grow your network and gain insight into what goes into the entirety of a project.

person testing an electrical board

Lighting engineer

Lighting engineers design and implement any electrical systems that are related to lighting. This could include lighting for concerts, television shows and movies. In the construction space, lighting engineers will work on large-scale projects such as those required for highways, new transportation systems and infrastructure projects.

Electrical engineering manager

As you progress in your career in electrical engineering, you may get the opportunity to move into an electrical engineering manager role. These professionals apply their experience and knowledge to planning, designing and overseeing electrical engineering projects. They often find themselves picking up responsibilities for managing project finances and the performance of their team.

Those that take the time to develop their engineering and business skills and demonstrate their dedication will quickly rise through the management ranks. In doing so, they'll begin managing bigger teams and overseeing more complex projects.

Communications inspector

Communications inspectors have a central role to play in many industries, including the construction space. Here, they apply their expertise and knowledge in electrical engineering to areas such as field installations, testing and commission. As a communications inspector, you will be essential in ensuring construction sites are operating safely and efficiently.

Solar plant engineer

With electricity being such a costly energy to produce, the race is on to establish new, sustainable methods for generating it. This is why a role as a solar plant engineer is an exciting and potentially lucrative option for years to come.

Solar plant engineers get the opportunity to apply their knowledge to new, more sophisticated solar energy production systems. With many businesses seeking to improve their offering in the sustainability space, this can make you highly employable. For example, here at AtkinsRéalis , we see solar plant engineers as an integral part of achieving our Engineering Net Zero goals.

Looking to the future: 6G

The future of electrical engineering is an exciting one. This is especially true with the launch of 6G on the horizon. A potential industry-changing innovation, 6G will help drastically speed up communications and unlock new possibilities in the electrical engineering space.

6G internet is expected to commercially launch in 2030.

A challenging and exciting career in electrical engineering

There are many exciting job options for those looking to develop their electrical engineering expertise. Whether you are beginning the search for your first role or an experienced engineer looking for the next step in your career, we have a number of opportunities that could be just right for you.

Electrical engineers at AtkinsRéalis get to work with a diverse mix of people on a diverse range of projects, offering you the opportunity to develop and expand your skill set. We currently have some exciting roles in electrical engineering available - don't miss out.