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Insights Why Indigenous people are important for the future workforce

There are countless benefits to working with Indigenous groups around the world. As a result, Canadian companies are increasingly engaging in Indigenous partnerships.

Companies that are invested in improving the planet recognize that a diverse workforce brings in varied perspectives, improves projects, and strengthens the community.

Canada is leading the way globally. In 2021, the country launched a task force to review the Employment Equity Act to ensure that Indigenous, Black, and other minority ethnic groups have equal access to opportunities. AtkinsRéalis believes in the work of this task force and always prioritizes equality and diversity in hiring.

We are deeply committed to working alongside First Nations, Metis, and Inuit communities in Canada, learning from their expertise and generational knowledge. In our projects, they’re always included in discussions - and often asked to lead on various aspects.

The benefits of integrating more with Indigenous communities Canada’s Indigenous population is, by far, the fastest-growing population in Canada. As a result, many dynamic young people are looking to start their careers. Engineering jobs, urban planning jobs, and transportation jobs are all well-paying, challenging, and exciting, predicted to grow in the coming decades.

Here are just a few benefits of engaging Indigenous communities in our work at AtkinsRéalis Canada.

  • They bring diverse and alternative viewpoints to the table and help companies innovate and develop new ideas. 
  • Indigenous communities in Canada tend to be poorer and more marginalized, and hiring young Indigenous people provides them with much-needed opportunities.
  • While advances are slow but steady, hiring and including Indigenous people helps break the cycle of poverty and ensures your company’s hiring practices are ethical and fair.
  • Indigenous people often have generational knowledge about the land and environment and may offer new perspectives to projects and tasks. 
  • There is evidence that Indigenous knowledge could help adapt to and battle the effects of climate change.

Recent government initiatives to improve Indigenous access to jobs

In addition to the task force mentioned above, many other government initiatives are working to improve Indigenous access to jobs. These are covered extensively in Global Affairs Canada’s Action Plan on Reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples – 2021-2025. 

For instance, Indigenous Services Canada (ISC)'s First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy is currently working on and supporting initiatives to provide First Nations and Inuit young people with valuable work experience. The Strategy will help them learn about their career options and give them information about developing their skills and gaining relevant education.

Of course, more can always be done – that’s why AtkinsRéalis is so committed to helping Indigenous people across Canada get involved in engineering careers and transportation jobs. Some of our most recent projects have engaged local First Nations groups from the initial planning stages through to the final results. In some projects, we play more of a supporting role. For instance, the entire Taza Development in Alberta was imagined and planned by the Tsuut’ina First Nation. AtkinsRéalis acted as a trusted advisor and contractor for this project, which is estimated to be worth a massive $4.5 billion.

Engaging Indigenous communities is important to AtkinsRéalis

The AtkinsRéalis Group includes a number of global powerhouse companies, including AtkinsRéalis , Atkins, Faithful+Gould and Acuity. Their engineering, procurement, and construction services are highly regarded worldwide.

AtkinsRéalis Canada believes strongly in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and we hire with these principles in mind. We know that having First Nations team members and points of view can only make our projects more successful and ensure that everyone in the community benefits. Innovation has never been more critical, and Indigenous communities can provide valuable insight into new ways of thinking.

AtkinsRéalis employs Ruby Littlechild, National Director of Indigenous Relations in Canada to ensure that their commitment to diverse communities is more than just lip service.

If you want to experience the benefits of being a part of a diverse and motivated workforce, explore jobs in Canada. There are plenty of exciting and rewarding job opportunities available.