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Insights How NEOM is contributing to a brighter future for Saudi Arabia

NEOM is a major project which is set to be a part of the Saudi Vision 2030. The goal is to create a new approach to living and working solutions. It will be a major global destination for everyone from ambitious entrepreneurs and those who want to live a sustainable lifestyle to tourists.

In this article, we explore what NEOM is and how it will contribute to a brighter future for Saudi Arabia.

What are the 3 regions within NEOM?

The Line

The Line is an epic feat of engineering which is already underway in Saudi Arabia. The project is set to turn just 34 square kilometres of the desert into a living space with world-class standards for 9 million people.

Sustainability is at the heart of the project. There will be no roads, no cars and no emissions. The Line will run on 100% renewable energy and 95% of the land will be preserved for nature.

Not only will the project be a world leader in sustainability, but it will also reach new highs in living standards. The space will have its own climate, which can be perfect all year round, meaning residents can spend more time enjoying nature. There will also be fantastic facilities all of which will all be within a 5-minutes walk thanks to the space’s clever design.


A new city based in NEOM, Oxagon is an ambitious project where people, industries and technology are combined to set a new standard for living in harmony with nature. The goal of the city is to bring together a modern approach to industry with a circular economy, ensuring both minimal impacts on the environment and economic success.

The area will have a major focus on supporting innovators and entrepreneurs. Offering them a place where they can accelerate ideas to market. However, it will also be a space where people can enjoy life, work and play within a thriving community.

Oxagon will boast a fully automated next-generation port that will provide world-class connectivity to global markets.


Trojena is the national and international tourism-focused project of NEOM. The areas will offer a unique year-round mountain destination which combines natural and cleverly designed landscapes.

The area will provide six distinct districts, each centred around specific experiences. Throughout the year residents will be able to tap into seasonal focuses including winter sports, wellness, lake activities and adventure.


Sindalah, an integral part of the NEOM project, is set to redefine the paradigm of urban living. Sindalah is envisioned as a city that perfectly embodies the harmony between nature and innovative technology. The city features a community that is uniquely designed to serve as a global beacon for sustainability, with a commitment to power itself solely through renewable energy. This groundbreaking approach enables Sindalah to drastically reduce the carbon footprint, contributing significantly towards worldwide sustainability goals. The city is planned as a thriving ecosystem, balancing the needs of its residents, businesses and the natural world. With a mix of residential areas, business districts, and entertainment venues, Sindalah advances the vision of a future where technology and nature coexist in a symbiotic relationship, thus pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in urban living.

Creating a sustainable future with NEOM

NEOM is a major part of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Each of its major projects has sustainability firmly rooted within its key goals. In fact, Saudi Arabia is doubling down on its renewable energy sources, with Crown Prince Mohammed announcing that by 2030 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will aim to generate half of its energy from renewable sources.

NEOM is enabling the Middle East to become more inclusive

Although sustainability and economic factors are playing a large role in the NEOM projects, positive developments in inclusivity and diversity are also key to their success. This is clear in Vision 2030, where aims to improve quality of life, raise citizens’ aspirations and a goal to bring more women into the workforce are set out.

One project which has already illustrated this aim was the Oxagon Hackathon which took place in October 2022. The challenge was designed to encourage inclusivity and diversity within a new innovative landscape.

Build a brighter future with AtkinsRéalis

Here at AtkinsRéalis we are perfectly positioned to support global transformational programmes such as NEOM. As one of the world’s most reputable and respected design and engineering solution providers, we aim to work alongside NEOM in order to create a stronger country and a future city which will inspire generations to come.

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