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Insights What are the top emerging digital trends for 2023?

The development of the construction industry is paramount to building a bright future across the globe. It plays a major part in helping overcome many global issues such as climate change, pollution, and the growing population. So, it is no surprise that the space is constantly seeing new trends and innovations. 

The industry has been an early adopter of many trends over the past decade. For example, the benefits of 3D printing have been leveraged in innovative construction projects for over eight years. Tools such as augmented and virtual reality have also been used extensively to support major construction projects. 

Ultimately, new developments in digital technology, such as the use of big data, have supported the acceleration of many areas of construction. In particular, by supporting engineering projects

Here at AtkinsRéalis , we bring together quality data to unlock unparalleled insights from advanced real-time analytics, machine learning, and AI. This process improves task prioritisation, supports earlier decision-making, and enhances collaboration. 

In this article, we will explore come of the most interesting and exciting upcoming digital trends for 2023.


Digital tools as standard on construction projects

Construction can be a complex space. Every year we see bigger projects being undertaken, better ways of doing things being adopted, and more standards being adhered to. As we continue down this route, those in construction roles will need to find better tools for managing and controlling their work. Therefore, digital tools need to become a standard part of construction projects. 

These tools will be wide-ranging, supporting everything from planning and visualisation to delivery management. For example, 3D modelling paired with virtual and augmented reality is likely to become a key part of highlighting project scopes to stakeholders. Similarly, BIM analytics, simulation, and geospatial data will support projects that want to get to grips with the potential impact of a building throughout its lifetime. 

Programme management predictive analytics

There is no denying that we live in an uncertain time. Construction businesses are constantly looking for ways to use data and experience to understand the direction that any given programme is likely to take. Programme management predictive analytics is a smart way to deliver using data. 

At AtkinsRéalis , we have our own programme management predictive analytics platform. It supports projects by integrating data from multiple systems and sources. Then, it structures and analyses that data into a Common Data Environment. This offers managers a simple-to-understand and data-backed view of opportunities to maximise efficiency and minimise barriers to delivery. 

These types of solutions are crucial as we continue to move into a period of greater demands and more complex projects. Those that undertake digital jobs in construction can expect to rely more heavily on these tools as time goes on. 

Using digital to enable new ways of working and accelerating innovation

Although powerful, simply applying digital tools is not going to help the construction industry overcome the challenges it will face in 2023. There is also a need for a shift in the way that construction professionals approach their roles and establish best practices. After all, powerful tools aren’t all that powerful when nobody uses them. 

Industry-leading businesses are already leading the way by adopting the digital tools of the future. Our construction professionals use advanced digital tools to support their roles on a day-to-day basis. But this positive adoption needs to reach every area of construction to have a real impact. 

That is why we have introduced Lava Labs - to support industry immersion, collaboration, and innovation. Established across Montreal (HQ), Whitehaven, London, and Bangalore, Lava Labs aims to support industry-wide upskilling and adoption of the latest digital and data-led tools to accelerate digital capability.


2023 is sure to produce big challenges for the construction industry, especially in the environmental space and big challenges require powerful solutions. This is where DECARBONOMICS™ comes in. DECARBONOMICS™ is our method for data and scenario modelling. It is programmed to offer whole-system insights, helping to target investment and accelerate the delivery of important Environmental, Social and Governance (EGC) targets. 

The tool seamlessly plugs into all projects at AtkinsRéalis to give a complete picture of operational, embodied, and whole-life carbon. Helpfully, it provides real-time performance tracking through an intuitive dashboard. Ultimately, the tool helps to make decarbonisation easy, cost-effective, and efficient.

Your future with AtkinsRéalis

2023 will see some interesting digital trends come to light to help overcome many of the challenges faced in the construction industry. 

Industry leaders such as AtkinsRéalis have a dual responsibility to ensure accelerated business success for their clients whilst minimising the impact they have on the environment. As part of this responsibility, AtkinsRéalis has positioned itself well to become a leader in the industry by adopting digital tools that help them respond to changes and support industry improvement. 

If you see yourself buying into this mission and want to work with a forward-thinking business, you can apply for a new digital role today. Alternatively, to stay in the loop for all the latest opportunities, join our talent community or sign up for job alerts