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Insights Smart city technologies in the Middle East

Smart cities use information and communication technologies to enhance the quality of life, and sustainability, and improve the efficiency of infrastructure and processes. 

The Middle East expects to invest nearly U.S. $50 billion in smart city projects through to 2025. Smart cities are evolving fast and the time for innovation from forward-thinking professionals who combine technology with creativity is now. 

These are exactly the people we are looking for at AtkinsRéalis - passionate professionals who are eager to learn, thrive, and grow with us. The rapid development of smart cities presents an exciting opportunity for professionals to be at the forefront of innovation with AtkinsRéalis . 

Aerial panoramic view of tallest towers in Dubai Downtown skyline night to day transition before sunrise.

Practical applications of smart city technology 

Smart city technologies create more resilient, efficient, and livable cities that meet the needs of residents. These technologies have the potential to address many of today's most pressing challenges in a sustainable way. 

From population growth to increasing transportation needs, and climate change – AtkinsRéalis merge ingenuity, knowledge and technology to uplift communities and drive a safer, better tomorrow.

Here are some practical applications of smart city technologies being deployed in the Middle East: 

Addressing urbanization challenges 

The increasing population density combined with the demand for urban areas has introduced new challenges in the Middle East such as overcrowding, degrading environmental quality, and traffic congestion. Smart city technologies address these urbanization challenges through intelligent transportation systems, advanced infrastructure, and efficient resource management. 

Enhancing sustainability 

Due to the climate of the Middle East, the region faces unique challenges such as water scarcity and high energy consumption. Smart city technologies have introduced water management systems, and waste management solutions through smart grids that minimise water wastage and reduce energy consumption.

Our Waste Management Specialists and Water Engineers are uniquely equipped to address the challenges surrounding socio-economic development and healthy ecosystems. At AtkinsRéalis , we’re working to make the world a better place by restoring vital ecosystems, incorporating environmentally responsible processes, and promoting sustainability

Improving the quality of life for residents

Smart city technologies enhance accessibility and convenience for residents resulting in improved living standards. Examples of these technologies include smart transportation systems, preventative healthcare solutions, advanced surveillance systems, and emergency response systems. 

Our purpose is to engineer a better future for our planet and its people and our values guide us in achieving this. One of our four core values is integrity - we do the right thing, no matter what, and are accountable for our actions. 

We care about people and communities and this is reflected in all of our decisions. A career with us would give you the opportunity to directly improve living standards for people around the world. 

Smart City Initiatives in the Middle East 

  • Masdar City was one of the first sustainable smart districts in the world where buildings consume 40% less energy and power demand is offset by the use of rooftop solar panels and an on-site solar power plant, an impressive feat. 
  • With the Saudi Vision 2030 underway, the Middle East is the place to grow and develop your career with AtkinsRéalis . The Vision outlined the country's unique and unparalleled commitment to becoming a leader in a fast-changing global environment. 

Saudi Arabia is positioned to serve as an example to the rest of the globe of how governments may use policy reform to improve the lives of people both inside and outside the country's boundaries. You have the opportunity to be a part of this megaproject. 

Transform the future of Smart Cities in the Middle East with AtkinsRéalis  

Smart cities are the future and a career with AtkinsRéalis will mean that you can work on complex business problems, whilst also being hands-on, to ensure the solutions aren't just conceived, they are delivered. 

Explore ways to contribute to a sustainable future in the Middle East and develop technology-enabled solutions to drive sustainable outcomes with AtkinsRéalis by applying to our roles today.