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Insights Human Factors: Change Your Perspective On Engineering!

Do you thrive in an environment where understanding people, their capabilities, and limitations are the core of design? Welcome to the Human Factors team at Atkins, a member of the AtkinsRéalis Group. We put the user at the heart of every design, ensuring safety, efficiency and accessibility in every aspect of our work.

"I think it's a good place, initially, because of the technical excellence, to do a lot of learning and development. But also, as you gain a larger degree of technical competency, you can develop within the framework of Atkins to take on a larger role so that you can learn and grow here." —Kolby, Senior Human Factors Consultant, User-centered Design

In Every Way, We're Engineering Better

We believe in the innate value of every team member. Bringing our expertise together, we're using digital to get us to net zero, championing diversity and promoting wellbeing. From extensive complex programs to engaging local projects, our people work on an exciting array of projects. And, thanks to our employees' ongoing internal advocacy, we recognize that everyone has needs outside of work. And we're proud of our flexible and remote working culture, which nurtures a friendly culture where everyone can contribute and be their best.

"Human Factors is about understanding the limitations and capabilities of people and using that understanding to design products, services, and systems better." —Jo, a Senior Human Factors Consultant, System Ergonomics

Diverse Paths, One Goal

There's nothing better than collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds – from academia to healthcare, cyber and behavioural science. This diversity is our strength – it makes each day a rewarding journey of discovery, innovation, and problem-solving for our teams.

"We draw upon the skillsets of so many different people in the department, and all those skillsets have come from a different route. So some have come from academia, some have come from the healthcare sector, and I think that diversity in knowledge bases is where we draw our strength." —Kayley, Human Factors Consultant, Safety

Experience Continuous Growth and Opportunities

At Atkins, you don't just gain technical expertise. As your technical competency grows, so does your role within the framework of Atkins. The opportunities to work on a wide range of systems, apply innovative techniques, and draw upon your accumulated knowledge, make every project with us totally worthwhile.

"I'm really interested in Human Factors because I love people. I love learning about people. I love understanding how they can work effectively. I love understanding how they can work within their capabilities and what their jobs mean to them. And that's something that Human Factors brings to every project and every area of our discipline." —Laura, Senior Human Factors Consultant, Ergonomics and Anthropometrics

What Makes a Perfect Fit for the Human Factors Team?

"We're always doing something new and learning something different, and we're always doing it in a nurturing, supportive way, collaborating with our team members. I think that's what makes us really, really special." —Laura, Senior Human Factors Consultant, Ergonomics and Anthropometrics

Our team is growing, and we're looking for curious people who care about people and strive to be the voice of the end-user, contributing to our supportive and friendly environment.

Are you ready to be part of a team that always puts the human at the center of the solution? We're hiring people like you: Learn more about what we do and browse live jobs.