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Insights What to look for in your next management consultancy job

Are you a management consultant looking for a new challenge?

Management consulting is among the highest-paid jobs for MBA graduates, attracting top candidates from all industries. Offering travel opportunities, a challenging work environment, diverse clients, and high salaries, management consultancy careers are dynamic and can often progress rapidly. 

The AtkinsRéalis Group, including Atkins and Faithful+Gould, is one of the world’s most respected and renowned engineering, procurement, and construction organizations. Together the Group offers a wide range of project management and management consultancy opportunities across the globe. Make the future happen with our range of management consultancy jobs.

What do management consultants do? 

Management consultants work closely with businesses to maximize their performance and solve their most pressing problems. By seeking creative new solutions and improving processes, they can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. This is a career that offers financial security and a great deal of satisfaction as you help people achieve their highest potential. 

Some management consultants are generalists, while others specialize in marketing, strategy, supply chain, human resources, employee productivity, or project management jobs.

It’s important to note that management consultant jobs are diverse – they vary significantly between each industry, company, and team. However, they all share one thing in common - to build a rewarding long-term career, there are certain things that every candidate should look for in their next role. 

Four things you should seek in your next management consultancy job: 

1. Career progression

There’s nothing less appealing than a job that has no next step. If you know there isn’t much room for career progression, it can hamper your ambition and make you question the meaning of your job. That’s why it’s important to look for companies that will offer you endless development opportunities.

No matter what level you begin at, there should always be a chance to upskill, train with mentors, and advance your career. Consider working for an international company, like the AtkinsRéalis Group, that can offer international opportunities and expanded horizons. 

2. Stellar leadership

This brings us to leadership – a good leader is as invested in your career progression as you are. They want you to grow and succeed under their guidance. A strong leader is more than just a mentor you can learn from – they also ensure you’re working on valuable and meaningful projects and nudge you in the right direction without micromanagement.

Search for a company that values its people and invests in its people with effective and inspiring leadership. 

3. Purpose and the ‘greater good’

Today, many management consultants don’t just want a career. They want a job where they can feel good about where they work. Consider the social issues that mean a lot to you – perhaps it’s diversity and inclusion or human rights - and look for an organization that shares your values. By working for a socially responsible company like AtkinsRéalis , your work can benefit the greater good. 

4. A challenging work environment 

Career growth can be a powerful motivator for individuals who are seeking to fulfil their professional potential and make a meaningful impact in their respective fields. It allows them to not only acquire new skills and knowledge but also to expand their network and gain a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

Just take the Saudi Arabian construction market. Being a world leader in infrastructure and mega projects, this work environment offers consultants a chance to work on innovative new projects. So, look for companies that are embracing new technology and new ways of working so you always have an exciting challenge in your career. 

Rewarding consulting jobs with the AtkinsRéalis Group

If you are interested in taking your project management career to the next level, it’s time to learn more about consulting at AtkinsRéalis and take a look at some of their core markets, such as cities & development, project, program and cost management, and transportation to see how you can put your consulting skills to use and better the planet.