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Insights Is working in billing for me? Here's what you need to know.

Meet Andreea-Mihaela from our Romania office, a key player at AtkinsRéalis, where she ensures seamless financial operations. Her role is crucial in maintaining our organization's financial health and client relationships. 

She's also the go-to person for project managers, offering vital support and problem-solving in financial matters. Here we interview Andreea about the role she loves and her career aspirations:

Photo of Andreea smiling towards the camera

Andreea, what do you enjoy most about being a billing agent?

The satisfaction of maintaining financial order, as the precision needed in the billing process aligns well with my nature. The dynamic nature of addressing billing inquiries and resolving issues keeps the role exciting and allows continuous learning. Combining technical skills, attention to detail, and interpersonal skills make this role challenging and rewarding.

What skills do you need for billing?

My role requires a combination of technical and interpersonal skills. Firstly, a firm grasp of financial systems and billing software is essential. Attention to detail is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the invoices. Analytical and communication skills are vital in proactively addressing potential issues, answering inquiries, and clarifying billing details.

"At AtkinsRéalis, there are always new projects and initiatives you can take part in, exploring innovative ideas and accessing your creativity." - Andreea

How did your career journey lead you into billing?

It all began in the first year of college in a back-office position requiring attention to detail and organizational skills. This laid the groundwork for understanding the importance of precision in financial processes.

But what was missing was more direct client interaction. So, I moved to a customer support role. This enhanced my communication skills, provided insights into client needs, and developed my proactive mindset in addressing issues and building positive relationships.

I pursued an economics diploma, which proved valuable as I stepped into the role of special pricing analyst. My drive to learn more led me to the role of billing agent at AtkinsRéalis. Drawing from all my previous experiences, I was well-equipped to handle the billing processes.

"As a billing agent, I thrive in an environment that requires a deep understanding of financial systems and policies and the ability to interact with clients and resolve inquiries." - Andreea

What makes the culture inside AtkinsRéalis so special?

Photo of Andreea with a colleague planting a sapling

The collaborative culture in my team provides an environment where every perspective is valued. This promotes open communication, which leads to a positive work atmosphere. It offers the opportunity to learn from colleagues and share ideas with them. We're also encouraged to grow through various training programs, workshops, and professional development opportunities.

"My career journey has been marked by a progression through various roles. Each one contributed to my skill set, preparing me for the challenges and responsibilities of my current position." Andreea

What does the future hold for you inside AtkinsRéalis?

In the coming months, I'm looking forward to exciting opportunities for growth and learning—embracing challenges and refining my skills. I'm also enthusiastic about positively impacting the organization's success. I aim to take on additional responsibilities, participate in new projects, and explore leadership roles within the organization.

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