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Insights Explore mechanical engineering jobs in Egypt with AtkinsRéalis

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of mechanical engineering jobs in Egypt with AtkinsRéalis! 

You've come to the right place if you're passionate about innovation, problem-solving, and being at the forefront of cutting-edge projects. 

Discover how you can contribute your skills to impactful projects, collaborate with industry experts, and take your career to new heights. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a fresh graduate looking to make your mark, AtkinsRéalis opens doors to a realm of possibilities in the vibrant field of mechanical engineering. Here are some of the careers you could pursue: 

Project Mechanical Engineer 

Your role involves conducting well-defined engineering investigations and planning work, contributing to reports under periodic review. 

Your responsibilities extend to researching alternative design approaches, contributing to specifications and permit applications, and preparing estimates. Upholding quality standards, you actively participate in quality control checks and collaborate with other disciplines. 

Your involvement in field observations and various calculations, including load, ventilation, fan static, and pump head, highlights your pivotal role in the project's success, reflecting AtkinsRéalis' commitment to excellence and multidisciplinary collaboration.

Chartered Mechanical Engineer 

Your role involves collaborating within multidisciplinary teams to deliver mechanical design components, ensuring projects align with high technical standards and are completed within specified timelines and budgets. 

Engaging in technical report writing, client liaison, and active participation in bidding processes, you contribute to the company's growth. 

This role encourages your proactive involvement in technical knowledge networks and innovation initiatives. It presents opportunities to showcase your project work at various forums, echoing AtkinsRéalis' commitment to professional growth and innovation. 

Principal Mechanical Engineer 

As a Principal Mechanical Engineer at AtkinsRéalis, you play a pivotal role in driving projects towards excellence and sustainability. Your commitment to understanding project briefs ensures seamless alignment with client expectations, showcasing technical prowess in designing Mechanical Building Services systems. 

Representing AtkinsRéalis at client and contractor meetings builds strong relationships, and your dedication to site surveys and inspections upholds the highest quality standards. 

Managing project delivery elements, understanding budget costings, and reviewing progress highlight your multifaceted role in project success, contributing to the technical development of junior staff and undertaking financial management underscores our commitment to talent development and growth.

Senior Mechanical Engineer 

As a Senior Mechanical Engineer at AtkinsRéalis, you play a pivotal role in ensuring the comprehension of project briefs, specializing in the design and specification of Mechanical Building Services systems. 

Your responsibilities encompass detailed calculations using industry-standard digital tools, technical specification preparation, and collaboration with the Global Technology Centre to enhance building services projects. 

You represent AtkinsRéalis in client and contractor meetings, conduct site surveys, and maintain meticulous records, reflecting a commitment to quality, environmental standards, and governance processes. 

At AtkinsRéalis, sustainability is not just a goal but a core value embedded in our projects. We recognize the profound impact that the built environment has on the planet, and we are committed to integrating eco-friendly practices into our designs and processes. 

Explore mechanical engineering jobs in Egypt with AtkinsRéalis 

AtkinsRéalis not only offers a platform for professional growth but also provides an environment where your skills and passion can truly flourish. 

Whether you're seeking a new challenge, aiming to elevate your expertise, or launching your career in mechanical engineering, AtkinsRéalis stands as a gateway to a rewarding journey. 

Take the next step toward a fulfilling career in mechanical engineering with AtkinsRéalis and apply to our open positions or sign up for our job alerts