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Insights Ever wonder how we succeed at leadership and parenthood at AtkinsRéalis?

Meet Practice Director Katie, a driving force in AtkinsRéalis' Project and Programme Services team. She brings expertise from complex infrastructure projects around the globe to achieve desired outcomes and deliver high-quality results. With a busy family life, Katie excels at balancing the professional and personal. Focusing on expanding our programme advisory capability, Katie shares the exciting project opportunities and work-life balance she enjoys with her team #InsideAtkinsRéalis:

Photo of Katie smiling towards the camera with her child

Career reflection

Wrapping up my work with my previous organization, a local Canadian firm, I used the opportunity to reassess what I wanted from my next role. I contemplated a multitude of different career paths, whether transitioning away from consulting or a different industry entirely. One thing I knew was I desired more than professional growth and impact. I sought a workplace that understood and respected my boundaries. With two young children at home, I wanted flexibility.

A culture to thrive in

After meeting with the Project and Programme Services Complex Infrastructure team and discussing the opportunity to pioneer a new programme advisory service line and team, it was hard to resist the challenge. Considering the cultural alignment and workforce flexibility, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me.

Work-life flexibility

Photo of Katie in a lake

Amid my concerns about developing a service line and juggling family responsibilities, maintaining equilibrium between work and my roles as a mother is paramount. Hence, I gravitate towards organizations that champion work-life balance. I endorse a hybrid work model within my team, entrusting individuals to handle their tasks flexibly while ensuring client satisfaction.

A culture of care

Within programme advisory, I promote a one-team approach. This fosters a sense of trust and autonomy within my team and enables us to tap into each team member's diverse talents and perspectives. When our team members are empowered to find their own balance, they are better equipped to deliver exceptional results for our clients. It's not just about where the work gets done - it's about how we support each other in achieving our goals while living fulfilling lives outside the office.

Driving significant change

Facing challenges like increased scrutiny and a push for digitization, we merged Programme Advisory, Business Change & Transformation, and Digital Transformation into 'Programme Advisory.' In ten months, we've improved our services, strengthened our position, and expanded our team. Seeing our team's skills and showing clients the benefits of our services has been truly inspiring. We've worked on major programmes with complex organizations, including major rail programmes, airports, and transport projects for local councils. We're dedicated to revolutionizing delivery methods, leading to better client, community, and environment outcomes.

Sharing knowledge globally

Since joining AtkinsRéalis, I've driven innovative strategies within the complex infrastructure team, focusing on expanding our programme advisory services. Collaborating with our Technical Leadership Groups globally, we've unified our offerings, including asset management, digital innovation, and sustainability, to address infrastructure challenges holistically. Our Program Advisory team is revolutionizing projects across sectors including transportation, energy and infrastructure, enhancing adaptability and strategic growth. By integrating services and leveraging digital innovations, the team is committed to increasing project efficiency and effectiveness, making a real difference in our industry.

Shaping a sustainable future

Photo of Katie giving a presentation

This year, advancing our programme advisory services takes center stage as we strive to offer our clients the utmost value and benefits. Our focus lies in integrating three vital service lines: programme advisory, business change & transformation, and digital transformation & innovation. Essentially, we're harmonizing processes, people, and systems, acknowledging the interconnectedness of these elements. Achieving successful adoption and sustainable change demands a holistic approach encompassing all three facets.

Delivering better futures

In the programme advisory space, we're guiding our clients through the challenges highlighted by the recent release of the construction pipeline and the new complexities in the UK infrastructure market. We're looking at how we really collaborate with our clients to overcome these challenges.

Promoting inclusive environments

From a business change aspect, we're increasingly seeing how having the right culture in an organization can significantly impact a programme's success. We are working to expand on this service offering.

Harnessing AI for efficiency

On the digital transformation and innovation front, we're building our capability with industry software and doing the same for in-house programmes such as Navigator and Advance Analytics Control Center. But most excitingly, we are working with AI on how to use this to advance analytics and efficiency in the construction industry.

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