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Insights Exploring engineering jobs in the UAE with AtkinsRéalis

As a hub of diversity and multiculturalism, the UAE boasts a thriving economy with rapidly growing infrastructure. Steering away from a reliance on oil and toward cutting-edge innovation, the UAE is on a new path with a sustainable future ahead. In this dynamic landscape, engineering professionals play a pivotal role, blending groundbreaking technologies with visionary thinking to propel us toward a greener tomorrow.

The market size of the UAE construction sector was $94 billion in 2023, with this growth attributed to an increase in transport and renewable energy infrastructure investments. With the market further expanding, it makes it easy to picture why the need for engineering jobs in the UAE is increasingly in demand in 2024 and beyond.

Across civil, mechanical, electrical, process, and structural engineering disciplines, AtkinsRéalis presents a diverse spectrum of opportunities in the UAE. We invite professionals to explore the possibilities that await, where their contributions can make a tangible impact on shaping the future as well as making Net Zero a reality.

Civil engineering

As an AtkinsRéalis Civil Engineer in the UAE, you’ll play a crucial role in designing the infrastructure that drives the nation's growth. You could be a key figure in helping reach the goals set out in the UAE’s Green Agenda - 2030.

From supervising teams and conducting structural assessments to technical design drawings and preparing specifications, our Civil Engineers are at the heart of delivering transformative projects.

Begin your search for civil engineering jobs in UAE with AtkinsRéalis for a career focused on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Electrical engineering

If you’re considering electrical engineering jobs in UAE, you might just find your perfect role with us. 

We’re on the lookout for talented Electrical Engineers to join the AtkinsRéalis team. By making an impact on some of the state-of-the-art projects in UAE, your expertise and know-how could see you spearheading advanced projects that shape the future of UAE’s energy infrastructure.

From conducting intricate power system studies to orchestrating protection calculations, you’ll be at the forefront of technological advancement. With a combination of creativity and expertise, our Electrical Engineers truly make a difference in bringing these inspiring projects to life.

Mechanical engineering

Join an agile and collaborative team that’s driven by possibilities when you start your search for Mechanical Engineering jobs in UAE.

Help to solve the problems behind today’s most pressing global challenges with the opportunity to hone your skills in developing conceptual designs, site testing, and computational analysis while focusing on seamless multidisciplinary coordination.

Integrate yourself in our expert Mechanical Engineering team in the UAE and join a hands-on, dedicated group of like-minded professionals as you shape the world around us. 

Process engineering

Become an integral part of our Process Engineering team in the UAE. You’ll engage closely with clients, conduct site visits, propose innovative solutions, and oversee project deliveries with excellence and revolutionary sustainable practices at the center of what you do.

By designing, implementing, and optimizing chemical processes in our high-performance culture, you can build the skills you need to thrive in every stage of your career.

Structural engineering

Looking for a new role in structural engineering? Now is the time to look at AtkinsRéalis, our Structural Engineer jobs in UAE will see you committing to making a real difference to the world around us in the work you do. Play a leading part in a range of projects in the UAE, as we take on some of the biggest engineering challenges of our time.

Our Structural Engineers enrich lives across a variety of sectors by providing unique solutions to complex problems. We push the limits of innovation, helping to deliver a truly sustainable future.

Use your expertise to develop conceptual solutions to problems through detailed design while conducting thorough research and data collection. Work alongside a committed team with career programs that put you in the driver's seat.

Move your engineering career forward with AtkinsRéalis

Exciting times are ahead for the UAE, with it being on the frontier of many new construction projects and AtkinsRéalis offers a unique opportunity to be part of this transformative journey. 

With our dedication toward sustainability and innovation, joining our team of professionals means making change happen. All of our engineers will play a pivotal role in driving growth in the UAE as the construction sector continues to expand. Our career paths nurture professional and personal growth.

Bring your search for engineering jobs in the UAE to AtkinsRéalis, for a career woven around meaning, growth, and sustainability.