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Insights Why are construction project managers in high demand across Canada?

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the skill of managing constantly changing environments has become more and more important. New construction project management software offers innovative solutions to streamline processes enhance collaboration, and adapt to evolving circumstances, ensuring projects stay on track amidst uncertainty.

Project managers who are able to reach the desired outcomes while managing a changing landscape are essential to success across a variety of industries. 

So much so that in the next five years, it is predicted that over 90,000 project managers will be hired across Canada. One sector that is particularly in demand of talented project managers in Canada is the construction sector.

infographic showing predicted 6.5% growth in Canadian construction industry

Construction project management in Canada is ramping up

As the world recovers from the pandemic, Canada is experiencing a residential construction boom. Interest rates dropped during 2020 and 2021, and living situations were reviewed. Consequently, the housing market picked up, but the supply of houses did not meet the demand. 

With this huge gap in the market, construction projects were underway. In 2020, growth in this sector reached the highest level since the 1970s. By the end of 2021, there were over 320,000 housing construction projects in progress. Furthermore, experts predict a further growth rate of 6.5% in the construction industry this year. 

The construction sector is searching for talented individuals to participate in such extensive projects. With many residential construction projects being extensive apartment complexes and condominiums, as well as increased demand in public sector construction, such as in the healthcare sector, project managers who can support construction projects with such complexity are in high demand.

Project management and construction management opportunities across Canada

What is interesting about the increase in construction projects in Canada is that they’re not concentrated in particular cities. In the last twelve months, construction has been up by 10% in Vancouver, 7% in Calgary and just 1.4% in Toronto. 

However, smaller markets have risen spectacularly outside of the cities as there is an increase in demand for more space in response to the pandemic. For example, rural areas have seen a rise of 51% in construction projects during 2021, while small urban areas have seen growth rise by a third. 

It is not just housing projects but the infrastructure required to support these new housing developments that offer a wealth of project management opportunities across the construction industry. 

With this in mind, it is not necessary for talented individuals to have to move to big cities to work within the sector. Opportunities for project management jobs in Canada are widespread across the country. 

Specialist skills needed in construction project management 

With construction increasing, the demand for construction project managers is growing. Construction project managers provide vital skills to the industry and have the exciting opportunity to support projects from the pre-design and planning phase to monitoring progress and securing completion. 

From managing relationships with stakeholders to allocating resources and managing budgets to leading a team to a successful outcome, the role of a project manager in the construction industry is wide-ranging and fulfilling. 

Perhaps the most desirable skill of construction project managers is the ability to overcome challenges that arise throughout the process. For AtkinsRéalis, our talented construction project managers have been responsible for overseeing the completion and maintenance of over 275km of a four-lane highway in New Brunswick to exceed customer expectations by optimizing the Canada Line in Vancouver

Embark on a fulfilling career journey as a project manager at AtkinsRéalis in Canada

Each project requires a unique vision, creative problem-solving and an ability to meet stakeholder requirements at all times – something AtkinsRéalis is well-positioned to do with our forward-thinking and future-ready culture. 

We recognize the wider impact of every construction project and always look for opportunities to give back to society in projects both big and small. 

If you’re looking to advance your project management career and make a real impact with your skills, a project manager role in Canada could be a fantastic way to be part of a rewarding challenge within a supportive team. 

Ready to take the next step in your project management career? Join us where your skills can make a real impact on projects big and small. Send your construction project manager resume today. 

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