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Insights Why I started at AtkinsRéalis and never left

Hi, I'm Dan, a nuclear safety engineer. I started with AtkinsRéalis' graduate programme six years ago. Since then, I've progressed my career here in the new-build and generation sectors. I lead safety cases and hazard assessments for internal hazards like fire, dropped loads, and missiles in the UK. I focus on demonstrating that risks are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP) while mentoring junior safety engineers. Here are the 8 reasons I stay with AtkinsRéalis:

Photo of Dan on a cliff

1. Working in Nuclear & Power is a fantastic career choice

Whether starting fresh from graduation, pivoting from another industry, or even if you're already in nuclear, there are so many exciting challenges and opportunities in this industry.

In the fission space, the nuclear renaissance is well and truly here.

At AtkinsRéalis, we're engaged in gigawatt-scale projects like Hinkley Point C and nearing a final investment decision for Sizewell C. The UK government is looking to endorse future large, new-build nuclear projects.

On a smaller scale...

Great British Nuclear's small modular reactor competition is driving innovation from several reactor vendors keen to deploy their designs in the UK. Each of these offers myriad exciting opportunities for AtkinsRéalis, with us supporting across all stages of the project lifecycle in multiple disciplines, from process engineering to safety case authoring.

The same is true in fusion!

AtkinsRealis is recognized as a leading supplier to the UK Atomic Energy Authority in Culham and internationally to the ITER project in southern France, where we have a growing presence. It truly is an exciting time, with all of these areas representing a diverse and growing work diet for our engineers to support and, in doing so, help shape the nuclear industry for generations to come.

2. Work with us in multiple career paths, separately or at any time

For example, my main career path is technically focused. I've developed skills in computational fire dynamics modeling, probabilistic and deterministic risk assessment, safety case production and technical report authoring, and quantitative hazard assessments for several reactor designs. But, in the last year, I've enjoyed sharpening my business development skills to help grow our pipeline of work.

Photo of Dan lifting a bicycle

3. The people we work with are actually worth spending time with!

I often meet up with colleagues outside of work for sports, dinner, and even holidays. This extends to those who have amicably left the company. I keep in touch with far more people who used to work at AtkinsRéalis than my flatmate does with current colleagues at his company.

4. I've developed massively over the last six years.

Since 2021, I've held technical leadership roles at AtkinsRéalis and during my secondment to EDF. I've led significant technical projects, contributed to business growth by responding to client tenders, and shaped our team's development through recruitment and line management. Additionally, I've represented the company internationally on the PRISME 3 cable fire research project, resulting in a publication in the Fire Safety Journal and expanding our hazards expertise in the new-build sector.

5. We're engineering a better future.

It's a great challenge, and every day really is different. It's also jaw-dropping how much opportunity there is to make an impact. While my technical work represents a relatively narrow view of safety engineering, I have found no shortage of diversity in terms of technical work and in the teams I work in. Working in nuclear represents an opportunity to help solve the energy crisis and the push towards net zero. This legacy aspect of the work we do is a huge motivator.

6. I get two paid volunteering days per year!

We use these to give back to the local community. Our Epsom team recently took part in a day of hedgerow management with The Conservation Volunteers, which allowed us to collaborate differently and talk about other things in the open!

Photo of Dan volunteering

7. AtkinsRéalis is spreading awareness of nuclear

Public discourse often focuses on recent adverse events, yet working in the industry reveals it is highly regulated and safety-focused. AtkinsRéalis supports school outreach events to foster a positive view of nuclear energy. I wish I'd had this information as a kid—I would have found my way into the industry sooner!

8. We #makeitbrilliant together

At AtkinsRéalis, we use #makeitbrilliant to celebrate the unique ways we excel in our careers and contribute to our field. My team thrives on mutual respect and a commitment to collaboration. We understand each other's strengths and support needs, helping us maximize our daily performance.

This doesn't just apply to our client work, but our internal functions, too.

As a line manager, I maintain open conversations with each team member to understand how they tick. This openness leads to honest discussions, aligns individual strengths and interests with opportunities, and focuses on solving emerging issues. It enables each person to be brilliant in their own right. Our employee resource groups—from officially organized events to informal volunteering days—help massively with this team spirit.

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