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Insights Post-translocation monitoring service of Liolaemus

image of Minera Las Bambas, Peru

Minera Las Bambas, Apurimac, Peru

Project Description

Currently Las Bambas is in operation, exploiting mineral resources from Ferrobamba deposit. The mine life has been projected until 2033. 

Las Bambas has performed two translocations of Liolaemus sp. gr. Montanus, the first one in December 2017 and the second one in July 2018. These translocations require periodic monitoring to follow the progress of the liberated population and their offspring, generations' duration and population viability in the receiving site

Services Provided
  • Field work to track the progress of the population released and offspring at the receiving site. Five campaigns were scheduled: August 2018, October 2018, February 2019, June 2019 and October 2019; 
  • Preparation of Reports considering the analysis of the following variables:
  • Survival of the liberated or translocated population, reproduction of the liberated population and their offspring, duration of generations, population viability.