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Insights Exploring the World of Electrical Engineering and What Electrical Engineers Do

What is electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is a discipline of engineering that focuses on the study and application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism. 

We have electrical engineering vacancies in a number of markets at AtkinsRéalis, including cities & development, clean power, water and industrial & manufacturing. We specialise in ten core markets, meaning you'll get to work on the top electrical engineering projects.

Joining the electrical engineering team at AtkinsRéalis means being at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and sustainable energy solutions, where your expertise will drive innovation and make a significant impact in shaping the future of a greener and more electrifying world.

Learn more about what electrical engineers do, what skills are required, and if electrical engineering is a good job: 

What do electrical engineers do?

Electrical engineers are professionals who design, develop, and maintain electrical systems, devices, and technologies. They play a crucial role in various industries, and their responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks:

  • Collaboration with stakeholders - such as architects to define project scopes, coordinating with the electrical department, contractors, and authorities to meet regulations and specifications. 
  • Performing site assessments - evaluating existing buildings for project design by conducting site visits to monitor construction progress.
  • Creating and overseeing design - this includes creating technical specifications, Drafting drawings and construction documents, and deliverables for building systems.
  • Keeping track of project schedules for electrical engineering design - electrical engineers contribute to project planning by estimating project costs, determining resource requirements, and establishing project timelines.
  • Quality control - this ensures the quality and safety of electrical systems. Electrical engineers must verify that installations and components meet industry and safety standards. 
  • Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: In many industries, electrical engineers are tasked with designing energy-efficient systems and integrating sustainable technologies like renewable energy sources.

Atkins Realis' electrical engineers are dedicated to a sustainable and energy-efficient future

By focusing on sustainable design principles and innovative technologies, our engineers strive to create electrical systems that reduce environmental impact and enhance energy efficiency. 

Whether it's through the integration of renewable energy sources, the optimization of power distribution networks, or the development of eco-friendly solutions, we are committed to pioneering electrical engineering practices that align with a greener, more sustainable world

What skills are required to be an electrical engineer? 

To excel as an electrical engineer, a diverse set of skills is essential. Here are a few key skills: 

  • Proficiency in mathematics and physics - this provides a foundation for understanding electrical principles. An electrical engineering degree can equip you with the knowledge needed to build a successful career. 
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities - engineers must tackle complex issues with moving components and various stakeholders. 
  • Technical skills - in circuit design, programming, and using specialized software are vital for developing and testing electrical systems and electrical equipment. 
  • Effective communication skills - this enables engineers to collaborate and convey complex ideas clearly.
  • Attention to detail - this is crucial in ensuring the accuracy and safety of electrical systems. 
  • Adaptability - staying current with evolving technology are essential for success in this ever-evolving field. 

At AtkinsRéalis, we value and seek individuals with a strong foundation in these skills, and we provide a platform for you to apply and further develop them. 

With us, you can utilize your expertise to work on exciting projects and be part of a team that is pushing the boundaries of electrical engineering. 

Is an electrical engineer a good job? 

Electrical engineering is a highly rewarding and in-demand profession that offers excellent career prospects, opportunities for innovation, and the chance to contribute to technological advancements and sustainability. 

With a focus on challenging projects and a culture of continuous learning and development, Atkins Realis is the perfect place to advance your career in electrical engineering. 

Join us in shaping a brighter and more sustainable world through the power of technology. Explore careers in electrical engineering today.