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Insights 5 Reasons you’ll love Monday mornings at AtkinsRéalis

I'm David Pyatt, Practice Director in Project Controls at Complex Infrastructure. I've worked at AtkinsRéalis, for over 13 years. I tell a lot of people this, but I love my job. The opportunities I get through the business, the people I work with and the culture I see every day are incredible. Here are my top 5 reasons I'm a keen advocate of wanting to come to work on a Monday morning!

1. Flexible working and work/life balance

I've been married for almost 20 years and have three teenage boys. In my spare time, I'm a qualified FA football coach and vice chairman of my local football club, which has around 25 male and female teams. I'm also a committee member for my local cricket club, where I play cricket during the summer and coach the U12 team. I love spending time outdoors, walking my dog and visiting pubs. Flexible working has been essential to finding the right balance.

I firmly believe that if you are happy at home, you're happier at work, and vice versa, and flexible working is a massive part of this. Dedicating time at home to my family is important – they always come first. As a coach at football and cricket, my evenings are often taken up taking the kids to their sports and being involved myself. Having the option to work from home is essential for me as this creates a balance to allow me to focus on the people and things I love.

2. Career progression and development is crucial

Working at AtkinsRéalis, I've always had opportunities to try new things in the workplace. When I have a real passion for an idea, the organization supports me in exploring it. Like everyone else here, I'm constantly challenged to improve our workplace. The organization actively encourages me to challenge the norm, bring new ideas and identify how we can ensure AtkinsRéalis has the best culture and working environment for everyone. This way of thinking is not always straightforward, so the business invests in me, as a leader, to attend training courses and seminars to identify areas of improvement and how to impact change.

3. Career-defining experience in complex, ambitious infrastructure

Our diversity of projects allows every colleague to work on projects that mean something to them. With our flexible working culture, we can align the business needs with the employee needs to create the perfect balance.

Leading the Commercial Resolution Team in National Highways was a career-defining moment. It was my first experience with people management. It ignited my passion for supporting colleagues in their careers and helping others become the best version of themselves.

My toughest project was working on the M1 J13-16 Scheme for National Highways. The project was part of the Smart Motorway programme, with the site office in Northampton. There were many complex issues with the project. However, working with some fantastic colleagues in a challenging environment was brilliant for my education and career.

4. We have a 'really' friendly work culture

It isn't just the projects that make AtkinsRéalis so special – it's the culture and ethos around how we work. Ensuring our people feel safe, empowered and supported is hugely important. Simply put, the work and social culture are… amazing.

I've never worked in an environment which turns words into action so much. When AtkinsRéalis say they'll do something, it happens – which is why the culture is so good. People believe in the business objectives and trust the leadership.

The business works hard to ensure everyone celebrates success and reflects on everything good and positive. Work has to be enjoyable, and I always say to colleagues that I want everyone to want to come to work on a Monday morning. This doesn't mean jumping out of bed with excitement but knowing that you are in a good job, with the opportunities you want, knowing you can make a difference… all this is really important to creating a culture of positivity.

5. Everyone is heard and empowered to make a difference

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion is critical to the positive culture at AtkinsRéalis. To continually improve as a business, we need to ensure that everyone has a voice, that we listen to everyone's opinion and create a culture where colleagues feel safe to speak up. Feeling supported to make the right decision is critical to allowing people to make a difference.

Making a difference can mean so many things to different people. It can be as small as taking a positive step in your own life or as big as making a decision on a significant project. Making a difference is personal to everyone, and we must ensure everyone's opinion is heard so everyone has a voice.

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