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Insights 5 reasons you should look for an engineering job in Texas

You might have seen it on social media, the news, or maybe even amongst your friends – a huge number of people are moving to Texas. The trend, which picked up steam during the pandemic, is fuelled by cheaper homes, wide open spaces, and a lower cost of living. 

Even more importantly, people are attracted to the job opportunities, especially engineers. After all, the state has the second-highest number of engineers in the country – only second to California - and that number is expected to rise. 

If you are seeking solar plant engineering jobs, water resources engineering jobs, or roadway engineering jobs, there is no better state than Texas. Atkins, a part of the internationally respected AtkinsRéalis Group, is recruiting for many different engineering jobs based in Texas.

As a global organization that cares about making a difference, employees who work here are afforded many opportunities to make a difference. Here are just five of the main reasons you should look for an engineering job in Texas. 

Dallas, Texas cityscape with blue sky at sunset, Texas

Reason 1: Texas is one of the largest economies in the U.S. 

At $1.9 Trillion, Texas is home to the second-largest economy in the United States, coming in behind California. However, it ranks first for growth prospects, in part owing to its strong job market and rising income growth prospects. Some of the country’s biggest companies are headquartered in Texas, including ExxonMobil, AT&T, and Dell.

As a result, employment options are ripe for the picking, especially for engineering jobs. Your skills are in high demand from prestigious companies, including Atkins. 

Reason 2: Creative and high-skilled professionals are in demand

Texas is experiencing steady economic growth, so skilled engineering professionals are highly sought after in all fields. This is a chance to play a vital and active role in developing new technologies that will benefit the state and beyond – for instance, working on advancements in the IoT (Internet of Things). 

North America is a leader in IoT, and Texas requires creative thinkers with experience to help take this technology to the next level. With your help, IoT can be used to improve maintenance strategies, fine tune logistics, make working conditions safer, and use materials more efficiently. 

Reason 3: Expanding opportunities in Texas 

While Texas was once known for oil and gas, it’s now considered a major player in green energy. Companies are investing in wind, solar and other renewable energy sources, which is creating new opportunities. For you as an engineer, this is your chance to play a part in the sustainable development of our planet, promoting sustainable and inclusive growth

Reason 4: A low cost of living

When compared to other US states, Texas offers an exceptionally low cost of living. While this is undoubtedly attractive to someone just starting their engineering career, cost of living is an important consideration regardless of your stage of life.

Millions of Americans have moved to Texas over the past few years, drawn to vibrant cities, affordable housing, and good quality of life. In addition, plenty of lucrative mechanical engineering jobs are available.

The average income across all industries is $9,000 higher in Texas than the national norm. Combine that with plentiful job opportunities, cheaper houses, and lower utility and grocery costs, and you’ve got an attractive option for professionals at all stages of their careers. 

Reason 5: Large-scale projects 

Every engineer wants to work on large-scale projects that make a difference in this world. Texas is the place to do it - Texas engineers can work on massive projects while expanding their skill sets and building their resumes.

Some of the current large-scale projects in Texas include: 

  • The Texas Medical Center (TMC)3 Research Complex – A $1.5 Billion life sciences complex
  • Harris County Flood Control District Asset Management Program – Rebuilding and strengthening the county’s flood preparedness
  • The East River Mixed-Use Development – A $2.5 Billion commercial and residential development
  • DGD Grassroots Diesel Plant Project at Port Arthur – A $1.5 Billion renewable diesel plant

Develop your career at Atkins in Texas

Engineers in Texas have a wealth of opportunities, but there should only be one place you choose to develop your careers. With a stellar global reputation and a commitment to diversity and inclusion, Atkins is the best possible next step. Interested? Start by browsing core jobs in the US, find out more about working at Atkins, or sign up for the talent community for more opportunities.