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Insights How the United States' engineering sector can promote sustainable and inclusive growth

It is widely accepted that the engineering industry, historically, hasn’t been as inclusive or sustainable as it could have or should have been. It is encouraging that governments and organizations are now doing more to promote both sustainable and inclusive growth, but there is still a way to go. 

Equality, diversity and inclusion are at the center of any successful business. At AtkinsRéalis , and within our brands Atkins and Faithful+Gould, we know that the steps we’re taking to improve our Group are beneficial to not just us, but to wider society. We’re working on the challenges of tomorrow with a diverse range of minds that contribute to the richness of our solutions today. Here’s how the engineering sector in the US can promote sustainable and inclusive growth: 

What is sustainable and inclusive growth?

The OECD describes inclusive growth as economic growth that is distributed fairly across society and creates opportunities for all because ultimately, inequality puts our world at risk. Sustainable and inclusive growth, as told by McKinsey, will enable an economy in the US that delivers broad-based prosperity; advances many more people in more places, leaves fewer people behind; and protects the environment for this generation and the next. McKinsey state that the US must pursue sustainability, inclusivity, and growth simultaneously, harnessing that dynamism of the linkages among them and, at the same time, resolving their counteractions.

As we look towards the future post-COVID-19, we have an opportunity to create a new normal; one where growth is both sustainable and inclusive. By creating a working environment that attracts new and innovative professions, boosts communities, and enables a system of fairer wages, we will begin to see positive change.

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How can we promote inclusive and sustainable growth in engineering?

There is a multitude of opportunities open to the engineering sector to improve the status quo and promote sustainable and inclusive growth. We can begin by creating a level playing field and ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities to enter the engineering sector, such as making clean energy jobs more accessible to Native Americans. Over the last decade at AtkinsRéalis , we have worked with educational institutions across the US, to make scholarships available to minority students in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) programs. Each scholarship allows us to expand the pool of STEM graduates entering our profession and helps us benefit from their unique points of view and life experiences. 

Another way we can help promote inclusive and sustainable growth in engineering is to give people skills for life. By providing people with opportunities to develop their skillset and progress up the career ladder, as we do at AtkinsRéalis , we can continuously develop and contribute new and better innovations that will improve society and the world around us.

Sustainability and inclusivity at AtkinsRéalis

At AtkinsRéalis , we aren’t perfect, but we’re on the right track to becoming a truly sustainable and diverse employer. It’s fundamentally important to us that we work on making the planet a safer, healthier place for future generations to enjoy, and we know that our solutions are enriched by the diversity of thought from the teams that work for us. Groundbreaking innovation and technology make no distinctions based on gender, ethnic or national origin, sexual identity and orientation, age, religion or disability, and neither do we.

Our teams of astute engineers, (civil, mechanical, building, electrical and more), work hard on resolving some of the most complex problems that the US faces today. We are proud that our people truly care about taking action to combat climate change and work collaboratively for the good of people worldwide.

Help make the world a better place at AtkinsRéalis

Inclusive and sustainable growth is at the heart of everything we do, shown in the fact our core business strategy is structured around the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. To us, it’s not just words, it’s the right thing to do.

Are you looking for an engineering role with purpose, where you can build a career for a sustainable future? We’re looking to grow our teams in the USA and if you’ve got a sustainable and inclusive mindset, you’ll fit right in. Apply for one of our available jobs in the USA, or more specifically our engineering jobs today and make a real difference towards the future of our planet.